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Aggressive Wasps Can Threaten Children and Backyard Fun

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During the late spring and early summer, wasps begin to come out in force. These creatures are actually quite beneficial to the environment, pollinating flowers and killing off other insects that are harmful to agriculture. However, you certainly don’t want a wasp nest in or around your Vaughan home, especially if you have small children that are highly susceptible to being stung. If you find a wasp nest or if you see an unusual number of the flying creatures buzzing around your house, you should immediately call exterminators in Vaughan. They will be able to locate the insects’ habitat and carefully remove it, making your back yard a safe haven for you and your children once more.

There are more than 20,000 different species of wasp on the planet, but exterminators in Vaughan should be able to follow the same basic protocol to get rid of each type. The thousands of different species are divided into two subsections – predatory and parasitic. Though adult wasps often feed on the nectar of flowers and other plant material, they must find a way to get food back to their young. Predatory wasps kill smaller insects and carry the bodies back to the nest for their children. Parasitic wasps actually lay their eggs in another animal, like a caterpillar. As the larvae grow, they feed off of their unwilling host, even as it is still alive. Parasitic wasps are far less common than predatory wasps. Though you and your family are not at risk of becoming a wasp breeding ground, their feeding habits have made the creatures very aggressive. When threatened, they are more likely to sting than similar insects, and unlike bees, they can sting multiple times. A wasp’s sting is also more painful than a sting from a bee. This is because the venom is particularly powerful, designed to defend the nest and the young and to paralyze other insects.

When you call exterminators in Vaughan about your wasp problem, the primary thing they will do is locate and destroy the nest. There are two types of wasp nests. Nests built by solitary wasps are smaller and contain food for the larvae. Social wasps, which are far less common than solitary wasps, build larger nests based on a sort of caste system with a queen, male drones, and sterile female workers. Social wasps are far more aggressive and likely to attack.

Even if you suspect the nest in your home belongs to solitary wasps, however, it is best to call exterminators in Vaughan rather than attempt to remove the nest yourself. Solitary wasps can still be quite aggressive when threatened, and their multiple stings and powerful venom can be a painful scourge to an inexperienced layperson who attempts to deal with the problem himself.

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