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Some might feel that night driving has its own charm as it’s quieter at night with less traffic and bright and colorful lights to compliment the dark background. However, the road accident surveys suggest that night driving increases your chance to face a fatal accident by at least three times more than the possibilities during day driving. These findings are indeed too risky to be ignored. The reasons are obvious as the darkness increases the fatigue and provides poor visibility.

Hence, to ensure your own safety and others too, it is desirable for you to be a more responsible driver while driving at night. The following are the tips one must follow while driving at night -

  1. Speed: One should maintain a moderate speed as the darkness reduces visibility as well as the reaction time of the driver.
  2. Do not drink and drive: Apart from increasing your risk of a road accident where you can harm yourself and others, it also increases your chance to be arrested as it is illegal to drink and drive.
  3. Don't stare: Do not stare at the lights of other vehicles directly as it reduces your vision for a short while and increases your chance to meet an accident.
  4. Clean the lights: Before going for a night drive, always ensure that your headlamps, fog lamps, indicators and tail lights are clean. Also, clean the rear view mirrors.
  5. Do they work: Make sure all the lights are functioning properly, especially the rear tail lamps.
  6. Avoid fatigue: Ensure you had enough sleep to avoid any fatigue as any moment of feeling sleepy might result in an unfortunate accident. Hence, it is better to pay more attention and be alert all the time while you drive during night.
  7. Don't flash light: It is advisable during night driving to avoid flashing bright lights at the oncoming traffic as it can hamper their vision and can cause accident.
  8. Keep the interior light off: For a better visibility one must switch off their interior lights and then drive otherwise it can hamper your visibility and consequently your chance to face an accident.
  9. Drive at lower beam: Preferably, one must drive at night while keeping the beam lower as driving with high beam hampers others' vision whereas the low beam provides a more comfortable vision to the driver.
  10. Don't smoke: Do not smoke while driving as the nicotine can also hamper your vision. Also, if the car's windows are closed than the accumulated smoke can also affect your vision.
  11. Take breaks: While driving for long distances, it is always better to take some breaks and have some snacks or cold drinks to keep the optimum concentration.

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