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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

by businesscloudhosting

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In a scenario where many virtual machines are running on a physical computer and one of those VMs which is dedicated to specific customer’s needs is a virtual private server. It has the privacy of a distinguished physical computer and can be configured to run server software. Virtual Private servers are the virtualisation technology that will give you the autonomy and control to use your own applications without incurring the cost of a dedicated server. 

In a shared hosting environment, resources such as RAM, space disk and CPU are shared with other users and are subject to availability. Dedicated business cloud hosting as the name implies has no sharing of resources as it involves the use of a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting is apt for sites which have big databases and large amounts of traffic and cannot afford to deal with the limitations of shared hosting. The biggest difference is the cost of the two types of hosting, where shared hosting comes in reasonable and affordable packages on the other hand the cost of dedicated servers is relatively huge.

Virtual Private Server falls in between the two kinds of hosting. The features of dedicated RAM & Disk space, customisation at server level are drawn from dedicated hosting and shared CPU is drawn from shared hosting.

The reasons for opting for a Virtual Private Server are

  • Memory Usage is subject to unpredictable swings
  • Multiple sites
  • Large number of files stored
  • Ever changing content
  • Peaks and troughs in traffic

A virtual private server addresses the limitations of shared hosting and provides the benefits of dedicated hosting without the exorbitant costs involved in owning one. Visit


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