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Why Email Marketing in UK is Very Effective

by anonymous

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At the time that direct mail marketing was invented by Aaron Montgomery Ward in 1872, it was an instant hit and made him one of the richest men during his time. Just imagine the power of direct mail marketing but this time it comes with a lesser cost and use less of your efforts. Email Marketing in UK has been one of the primary methods in online marketing and here are some reasons why it has been so effective so far.

Low cost

It is quite expensive to send mail the traditional way. The cost of printing catalogues and manually mailing them can cost a small fortune. Not to mention the use of envelopes, labels and stamps. Email marketing in UK no longer requires that you spend on these. You can even start your own campaign at no cost with free email marketing tools that you can find on the web.

Targeted Delivery

The good thing about this method is that you can customize your emails so that you can your target market who will eventually be your customers. You can do segmented delivery so you can group your subscribers to certain categories and write your content specifically for them to get a more relevant response. Pre-scheduling is also a feature that a lot of business owners can take advantage of.


Lots of marketing companies or business owners themselves love the idea that Email Marketing in Solution UK can be fully automated. This new technology can literally make you money even when you are sleeping. You can create the emails, schedule them as you wish and set your campaign on auto pilot. You can send timely messages to your customers at almost no effort, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your business.

Fast Relay of Information

If you want to relay certain information to your subscribers or customers, you can use email communication to reach them in real time. Email is instant so you can send your message across as soon as you hit ‘send’. This is a great tool to promote sales, events or to send important information fast and easy.


reach thousands of thousands of people. You can extend to as far as worldwide. No matter where your target market is, you can reach them if they have internet access and a computer to check their email.

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