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Electrosensitivity is Prevented with an EMF Shield

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An EMF shield protects you from the electromagnetic (EM) radiation emitted from laptops.  EM radiation has been shown to cause a host of health problems and shown to affect fertility. There are many people who use an EMF shield for a lot of these health concerns and others just because they are very sensitive to the emissions.

 Lloyd Burrell uses his website, ElectricSense, as an information source for EM radiation.  As a man that discovered he was electrosensitive in 2002, he devotes his time to informing others about the effects of EM radiation.  “I suffered for years, in fact until 3 years ago I was still suffering. My body became highly receptive to the ever present electromagnetic fields in our environment to such an extent that my life became a living [nightmare],” Burrell said in his bio on his website.  “My symptoms; a constant headache, joint pains, my ears ached and my eyesight deteriorated, I developed high blood pressure and lived in a constant state of fatigue.” 

Electrosensitiviy affects different people in different ways.  Some one that is not overly sensitive may not show any symptoms while others exposed to the same source can suffer a great variety of problems, such as auditory problems, respiratory issues, cardiovascular problems, cognitive difficulties, neurological effects, ophthalmologic symptoms, emotional changes, musculoskeletal difficulties, dermatological problems, sensitivity to light and gastrointestinal problems.  If you suffer from any of these issues, it is a good idea to visit your doctor.  These symptoms could be indicative of other health problems apart from electrosensitiy.  Whether you suffer from any of the above or not, however, it is still wise to invest in an EMF shield. 

 Is it possible that an EMF shield can protect you from these serious symptoms?

The answer is yes, if you choose the right type of EMF shield, it can help.  Your laptop emits two types of electromagnetic (EM) radiation (EMR): radio frequency (RF) radiation and extremely low frequency (ELF) radiation.  A cooling pad, table or tray will only protect you from heat radiation.  To get the full benefit of your EMF shield, you need a shield that is proven to block RF and ELF radiation. 

Even if you don’t feel the effects of EM radiation physically, emotionally, or psychologically, that simply means you have a low sensitivity to the radiation.  It does not mean it is not affecting you. Think of it this way.  Ultraviolet light, also known as sunlight, is a form of radiation.  It is great for tanning and we love to be out in the sun, basking in the ultraviolet rays.  Too much exposure, however, and the sun goes from being a source of a good tan to something that can burn you, dehydrate you and cause skin cancer.  Two people can be in the same amount of sunlight for the same amount of time and feel the effects differently.  It is the same with EM radiation from your laptop.  Some will feel the effects sooner than others.  Some will react differently than others – but all are affected.  Your EMF shield is like the sunscreen you put on your body.  It is a protection that’s easy to use, affordable and allows you to enjoy yourself knowing you are fully protected

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