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On Purchasing Reclaimed York Stone to Aid in Minimizing C&D

by tomiwilhoit

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One of the three areas of waste generation in the U.K. is construction and demolition (C&D) waste. Construction site wastes and demolished building remains such as twisted steel and slabs of concrete form this sector. Thanks to sustainable solutions, the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs says that C&D waste has been experiencing a progressive decrease since 2008.

In 2008, DEFRA claimed that almost two-thirds of the overall C&D waste in England alone was reused or recovered. Steel scraps could possibly be melted and transmuted into new steel bars, while the concrete could be crushed and used as aggregate. Any architectural masonry such as quality York stone can also be drawn from the rubble and utilized for future structures. You most likely know that steel and concrete can be reused, but architectural stone?

Stone walkways, flooring, and columns can be safely disassembled from a structure. Huge chunks can be cut and altered into smaller ones for a brand-new niche, while damaged ones will be assigned as aggregate. The practice will significantly lower fresh stone demand from the quarries, specifically in Yorkshire, where York stone comes from.

With quarries drawing less stone from the natural formations, environmental destruction can be substantially decreased. Generally, stone can last for many years without having its quality jeopardized even by demolition or deconstruction. In short, stone from a previously demolished house can be used in the building of a brand-new house.

If sustainable solutions like maximizing reclaimed stone continue in the future, the overall amount of produced C&D waste may drop by 11 percent in the period of four years. The DEFRA claimed that 113.2 metric tons of C&D waste were produced in 2004; four years after, that number dropped to 101 metric tons. Under the Revised Waste Framework Directive, the British government intends to have 70 percent of C&D waste recyclable or recoverable come 2020.

To learn more on waste management in the U.K., see DEFRA online at If you want to jump into the reclaimed stone bandwagon, search for a dependable supplier of reclaimed stone and masonry near you.


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