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Vacuum Cleaners 101: Several Types of Kirby Vacuum Bags that

by sharenambrose

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The Kirby Company has earned its name as an effective maker of top quality home maintenance devices. The company has routinely manufactured a growing line of vacuum cleaners and other household units since the year 1914. The company mainly markets devices with home exhibitions.

With its various line of excellent vacuum cleaners, the company takes things a move further with its line of quality Kirby vacuum bags. These help bring up the bar for vacuum cleaners in terms of conserving air quality. These trap pet dander, pollutants, mold spores, grass, and pollen. There are a number of Kirby bags presently in service.

The Sentria is the main line of Kirby's vacuum cleaners. It was made using Kirby's MicroMagic HEPA Filtration System and MicroAllergen technology. The layout allows capture of submicron particles, enabling higher air quality. Particular units of Sentria bags are capable of being set up in Sentrias designed before 2009, but Sentria Style F Cloth Bags can be set up in post-2009 models. They are likewise compatible with Kirby's Generation series of vacuum cleaners.

Owners of the Kirby G6 and Ultimate G have an uphill struggle ahead of them though; they can only use vacuum bags particularly created for these 2 designs. The G6 and Ultimate G were limited-edition designs produced in 2000 and 2001. These possess the MicroMagic HEPA Filtration System plus the exclusive Micro Particle Arrest Technology which draws in particles to purge irritants from the air.

Royal likewise has its own line of vacuum bags. The Model As are offered in three-packs for the Royal Metal Upright. It can also adapt to the Style B paper bags, which are available in three-pack and ten-packs. The Style B, specifically, has square cardboard connectors with circular holes linking it to the outside bag. Style Rs are high-filtration paper bags made for the RY3000 series.

Let vacuum bags prove to you the reliable performance they are recognized for. Whether you go for Kirby or quality Royal vacuum bags, it is important to know whether they can fit in your vacuum cleaner like a charm. They are likewise quickly disposable and economical. To find out more, visit

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