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Enterprise CRM Software

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Today's business world demands for competitive advantage, every single minute. Inefficiency of any sort spoils the game, especially if it is related to customer-facing activities. With cutting edge technology playing the lead, customer contact can now be enabled through so many diverse channels, like call center, on-line chat, e-mail and social media etc. In such a situation, a single, integrated customer contact management system is very essential.

Especially if the organization is big, client management becomes all the more important and critical. To handle customer relations with ease, it becomes essential to rely on an efficient Enterprise Customer Relationship Management solution, which can cater to the intricate needs of client management for big organizations.

Enterprise CRM Software is not just a tool for interacting with the clients, it is much more than that; it's an advanced software system, which effectively integrates operations and processes of varied departments, and fuels the growth of the company. The modules, which are part of such Enterprise Customer Relationship Management software, can help the company in:

• Having better understanding of customer needs and customizing the enterprise products and services accordingly.

• Creating customer centric department operations.

• Minimizing client wait durations.

• Creating an environment for employees, where they can focus more on customer service, by automating other tasks.

• Managing customer service and all other business processes through a single, powerful enterprise-level business system.

The Enterprise CRM Solution from Agiline CRM

Agiline CRM is the new face of Surado. It offers end-to-end Customer Relationship Management solutions. The Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Solution is one of its most popular solutions. This combines varied, powerful modules into one comprehensive solution. Power packed modules like core Agiline CRM Software suite (Contact & Account Management, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation and Customer Service/Help Desk), Integration for Exchange (for e-mail, contacts and tasks), the Agiline Integration Module (for connecting to third-party databases or creating custom tables and screens) and Agiline CRM Web (a web interface for remote user access to basic functionality) are seamlessly tied together to offer a holistic, enterprise level Customer Relationship Management solution. The product offers an unprecedented level of power and flexibility for businesses, which are looking to move beyond simple, under-powered single user and workgroup solutions.

The power packed solution combines varied important modules of customer relationship management, like Contact & Account Management, Sales Automation, Marketing Automation, Customer Service / Help Desk, Dashboards, Dynamic Workflows, Agiline Integration For MS Exchange 200x, Agiline Integration Module, as well as Agiline CRM Web. Each of these modules is an independent solution in itself and comes with its own rich features and capabilities. And a seamless integration of all these modules results in a wonderful, comprehensive CRM solution, which addresses every aspect of customer relationship management of big enterprises.


AgilineCRM is completely into Customer Relationship Management Solutions. The company specializes in every dimension of this area and offers varied solutions to meet the different requirements of diverse enterprises. AgilineCRM is the new face Surado CRM, which has been one of the most popular products in its segment.

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