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Trophy Engraving: Points to Think About

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When you're rooting for a team to succeed, it's most likely not that vital to you what the token of success appears like. The most essential thing is merely to win—and to have a commemorative token of the event. A dice, sphere, even a toaster could just as easily serve this purpose, nonetheless, without a doubt, huge gold cups with intricate trophy engraving can offer the champion a lot to talk about. So how did a cup come to symbolize victory in competitions?

For many centuries, a "trophy" was something that was taken from one's fallen adversary, such as a piece of armor, a tool, a head, or other body parts. These "trophies" were typically put on display to provide tangible proof of victory. Cups as tokens of victory didn't appear till mid-18th century.

One possible beginning of the trophy cup can be traced to the "loving cup" designed by Methodist church founder John Wesley (1703-1781). Part of the church's very early routine included "love feasts"—community events similar to the Catholic church's Holy Communion. Utilized in these feasts were "loving cups" that had two handles so they can be passed quickly from person to person.

A trophy cup is generally made up of three elements. First, there's the foundation upon which the cup sits. Next is the riser, a small, decorative element that highlights the recipient's achievement rank (first, second, third, and so on). Last is the cup itself. Today, trophy cups are made of almost solely from plastic. Hot stamp metallic foils are then pressed onto the cup's surface to endow it a metallic color.

Trophy cup manufacture usually involves a three-part procedure. First, the manufacturer talks to customers to go over ideas on how the trophy ought to appear. Next, the manufacturer produces an illustration or a basic sculpture of the trophy to give the client an idea of what it would look like. Once the design is authorized, the producer then continues to create the trophy based upon the customer's specifications.

When it pertains to trophy cup manufacture, engraving is typically a different matter. Once you have the trophy that you got, you can take it to an expert engraver who produces magnificently engraved hip flasks, medals, crystalware, glassware, badges, among others. To discover how trophy engraving is done, visit

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