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Working with Web Designers in Salt Lake City

by sageaumick

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If you don't even have any idea about the fundamentals of your website, then tapping the services of a web designer to provide assistance to your Salt Lake City company can be a difficult job. There are terms in the computer language that you need to be acquainted with in order for you to run or even just simply check on your website. Right here are a few basic concepts you must be equipped with so that you can understand exactly what your professional web designers in Salt Lake City are doing.

Web Page

You can think of your entire website as a brochure or pamphlet for your business, and its different sections as one web page. This web page is comprised not just of text, but also various other elements like HTML tags which gives the description of the formatting when a browser shows the web page on its screen. The browser interprets these "instruction" tags and figures out the best ways to format the web page.


Hyper Text Markup Language is a computer language that can be read by software and directs it on how the text needs to appear. Basically, HTML is employed when you want to put in elements to your text like various font colors, sizes and faces, layout design, and to craft headlines. HTML is required for variety or to stay clear of a dull webpage.

Web Browser

A browser is a tool that your potential clients will utilize when they wish to look for a product or service on the internet. This tool works in two ways: First, to translate the HTML tags set up by the web designer and display the web page on the screen the right way, and second, to go to the web server to ask for the websites have the keywords online users keyed in.

Web Server

Servers coordinate with browsers by providing the latter with its requested websites. The web server works as a storage unit for websites—organized and set to deliver whenever something is asked for. Websites pay a hosting fee to set up pages in server spaces.

These are the essential concepts of web design in Salt Lake City that you should be familiar with. This way, you won't just depend on your designers but can also be an active partner in the creation and upkeep of your website. To find out more on website concepts, check out

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