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Higher education scenario in India

by pentagonservices

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The major contributing factor to the social, cultural, economic and intellectual life of the society has been the higher education. In the past half century higher education has seen a huge paradigm shift towards the scope and opportunity. The fate of a technology driven society depends upon the knowledge and the higher education. With the increase in knowledge, competitiveness has become the decisive force for the growth.


India has a population of more than 1.22 billion, and 70% of its population is below the age of 30. This was the situation in China some 20 years ago but they utilized their human resources, now they are the frontiers of the world supremacy. Utilization of the potential, of human resource would help India in achieve the economic growth.


India has the third largest system of Higher education only next to USA and China.  According to recent survey literacy rate in India is 74.06% but only 15% reach high school and 7% become graduates, which is quite alarming. Education is the key to enhance India’s competitiveness in the global economy. There is no denying that higher education would lead to socio- economic development, therefore financing higher education has become the talking point of every debate.


According to the latest reports, there are 483 universities in India out of which 39 are central universities, 255 state universities, 59 private universities and 130 deemed universities, with more than 16,885 colleges including 1798 colleges for women, in addition to the list there are 1173 polytechnic colleges’ institutes.


With the increase in the number of private institutions in India offering very diverse and large number of courses has resulted in the increase in the number of students pursuing higher education. Driven by market opportunities and entrepreneurial zeal, many institutions are taking advantage of the flawed regulatory environment, to offer degrees not approved by Indian authorities, and many institutions functioning as non-profit organizations, develop sophisticated financial methods to make the profits.  Regulatory authorities like UGC and AICTE have been trying very hard to terminate the menace of private universities which are running courses without any affiliation or recognition. Students from rural and semi urban background often fall prey to these institutes and colleges. One the fundamental weakness of the system is lack of transparency and recommendations have been made to mandate high standards of data disclosures by institutions on performance.And in the present scenario it is very important for the students aspiring higher education to get the right career guidance and counseling. Information regarding the colleges and the courses offered by them should be easily available to the students.


The process of deciding future career options can be challenging and involves careful considerations. Career guidance provides access to the skills and resources students need to overcome these obstacles and prepares them to make choices relevant to their personal strengths and interests. Career guidance provides students with information about the requirements of their chosen career options.


Aspiring students have dilemma like:


  • What are the requirements to enter these programs and schools?
  • What kinds of programs lead to the best career outcomes?
  • What curriculum changes need to be made to meet these requirements and prepare for the program (e.g., some programs require a specific number of years of foreign language or a certain level of mathematical knowledge)?
  • Which colleges have the best resources for specific career preparation?
  • Which colleges have the capacity to provide for a student’s specific support needs?
  • What other programs might supplement education in preparation for a chosen career (e.g., internships or work-study programs)?

And that is where we come in, the pentagon consultancy services (PCS). Over a decade of experience in providing the young aspiring students information and guidance in selecting the colleges and courses best suited for them.


We in our endeavors try to increase the scope for various career avenues in variety of different streams based on current day education system in India. Our Secure Professional Career Program (SPCP) is focused to prepare students to face the Industry well in advance even before they complete their respective courses thereby transfiguring the opinion of the students into reality with a practical approach.


We guide students according to their background, their preference, interest and financial situation. PCS helps the students in choose the best course related to their abilities and the employment opportunities for the said course. We also provide the placement assistance to the students on completion of their courses.

For more information visit our Official Website, or you can connect with us on Facebook.

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