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End of Day Data Feed Services from Barchart Market Data

by devonarnett0214

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Market data is trade-related price data that
encompasses currency, commodities, financial derivatives, stocks, and a
number of other areas. It is through this data that market traders are
able to analyze and come to their buying or selling decisions. This
information is often used by traders to make immediate and on-the-spot
decisions. However, it is also commonly used to identify market trends
over time by analyzing historical data. There are several types of
market data services that are offered and one of these is the end of day
data feed.

Market data feed solutions play an important role in
the lives of traders, as these are used to identify trends. The ability
to identify trends from the analysis of historical data is one of the
most crucial parts of the strategies implemented by traders. Historical
data analysis allows traders to make predictions and foresee any
potential price movement in the future, which is very important in this
type of industry. Because of the vital role of data feeds, the number of
market data feed solution providers are increasing.

With a greater number of solution providers of market
data feeds, including end of day data, both individuals and companies
may find it hard to choose which company is the right one. This is where
Barchart Market Data Solutions come into play.

Barchart Market Data Solutions is one of the longest
running market data feed solutions providers dating back to 1934. With
almost 80 years of experience, this particular solutions provider has
substantial and extensive experience catering to the information and
data needs of the agricultural, energy, financial and media industries.
In addition to this, Barchart now supports real-time BATS data feed.
This is one of the main reasons individuals and companies choose the
company's end of day data feed solutions.

Some of the features of Barchart's end-of-day data feed services include the following:

• Enhanced capabilities for error checking
• HTTP or FTP delivery of data
• Covers equities, foreign exchange, futures and indices markets
• Daily delivery of updates and historical data

In addition to this, Barchart Market Data Solutions
offers a wide array of other data feed services. These include the

• Broadcast real-time
• Delayed
• Raw exchange
• Query or response (on-demand, XML)
• Historical market

It is also important to note that since Barchart
Market Data Solutions ( now also supports
real-time BATS data feed, the end users can further benefit from the
services it provides. With BATS BZX exchange being the 3rd largest
securities exchange in the United States, the BATS data feed offers
information to clients that will prove to be invaluable.

About the Author:

Mr. Devon Arnett is a resident of Providence, Rhode Island where he is a
freelance illustrator. He hopes to one day work at a renowned ad
agency, but enjoys the freedom of freelance for the moment. He likes
playing music and taking long walks, as well as investing in the stock
market. He is always up to date about different exchanges and is a
resource for leading BATS data feed providers like Barchart Market Data Solutions .

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