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Any job which requires a rigorous use of hands needs to be done with a pair of gloves in the hands. It would ensure the safety of your hands which are exposed to vagaries. There are number of manufacturers of gloves for different purposes. The features of the gloves depend on the job to be performed. Various jobs demand various essential characteristics in a pair of gloves. Sophisticated and delicate jobs like that in medical field require synthetic and inert gloves to perform surgeries. Heavy duty gloves are used in the military operations and industries which have heavy machineries operating.

Tactical gloves are a sort of basic gloves variety which is used widely in different fields for different purposes. They can be used as military gloves for handling the heavy recoil pressure of the guns. They are cut-resistant and highly durable. They are composed of 92% nomex, 5%kevlar and 3% P140 anti-static fibre. The nomex imparts its fire-resistant qualities, Kevlar give it the cut-resistant qualities and P140 contributes to the chemical-resistance of the gloves. Most of the manufacturers now-a-days use the tanning technology which allows a healthy lifespan to the military gloves even after repeated exposure to sweat and adverse weather conditions. The gloves are stitched on the interior side with special skin-friendly threads, making them more comfortable. They are made water-proof and wind-proof but allow perspiration. This makes them fit for any condition. Be it combat or simple driving, you can always wear the gloves and do it.

A little variation in composition of these is made to make the police gloves. They are much lighter and are made using a softer material, thus providing a healthy mobility. The police may come in contact with various chemicals during the encounter with violent inmates. So, the gloves are made chemical-resistant. They may also encounter sharp objects like knives, blades, syringes or broken glasses. The police gloves need to be puncture-free and cut-resistant. The police personnel also use riot-controlling gloves during the riots. These riot controlling gloves have an added layer of reinforcement to withstand a high amount of shock and mechanical blow. They cover more part of the hand than the general police gloves since the expected violence during riots is much more.

It is very clear that gloves have a widespread use. They are truly an essential part of any military or police gear in every country. They find an unparalleled usage in all countries’ defence system. Thus, every department should be wary of the damage that can be caused by a shipment of faulty gloves. Since there are human lives at stake, the buying of gloves should be done effectively. In this regard there are a number of reputed companies and sites. Sites like  have an unparalleled reputation when it comes to selling top quality gloves. Be wise and buy the best standard gloves.

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