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Keep getting slim with five spices

by slimmingpills

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Apart from improving the flavor of the dishes, the spice family is also a good partner of the dieters! So what kind of condiments is great for reducing weight? Here are five common spices with a great slimming effect!

1. Chili powder — activating the metabolism.
Spicy pepper powder can weaken the activity of appetite-promoting hunger hormone, control appetite, and reduce the food intake naturally. Pungent ingredient — capsaicin can promote blood circulation and sending the required nutrients to the parts of the body.
Recommended dish: Spicy and sour fried octopus.
What we need: 300g fresh octopus, 1 tomato, 1 onion, 1/6 broccoli, 1 tsp salt, a little chicken little, 1 tsp chili powder, 1 tsp olive oil, and 1 sliced garlic.
How to: 1. Dice the washed fresh Octopus, so do other ingredients. 2. Heat the pan with olive oil and sliced garlic, and then fry the onion and broccoli until fragrant. 3. Put the octopus into it until the vegetables go soft, and turn to big fire to stir-fry. 4. Add the tomato when the color of octopus change. 5. Serve it after adding a little pepper powder, salt and chicken essence.
2. Ginger — low card and promoting metabolism.
Ginger has been widely used in our daily diet since the ancient times. It is great for promoting digestion, accelerating blood circulation, activating the metabolism, and preventing the excessive intake of fat, sugar and salt. It can bring us a different feeling to brew a black tea or herbal slimming tea with a little ginger.
3. Chamomile — enhancing the detoxification.
When it comes to chamomile, we are used to drink it as a herbal tea. It is helpful for promoting the intestinal peristalsis and maintaining the digestive health. After overeating, it can speed up the digestion, reduce the accumulation, improve constipation, and facilitate detoxification. It is good for us to brew a cup of chamomile tea, which is great for dropping weight and refreshing the breath.
4. Cinnamon — low-calorie substitute of sugar.
You can replace sugar with some sweet spices like cinnamon, if you neither want to gain weight nor resist the desserts! It can satisfy your desire for desserts and won’t increase the caloric intake to add a little cinnamon into black tea or oatmeal. What’s more, it is great for lowering cholesterol and blood sugar!
5. Turmeric — controlling appetite.
It is great for regulating the hormonal activity, stimulating the liver, and preventing endocrine disorders. At the same time, turmeric contains natural detoxifying ingredients that can promote our blood circulation.

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