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The Latest Trends in Website Application Development

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Innovation is the only thing one is looking for to attract people in today’s world. Change is the only constant that web developers believe in. Web designing and development process is something truly dynamic and ever-changing in every possible way. 2011-2012 has been an exciting year for web development. Old trends are replaced by the new ones, technologies are improved and the market definitely got bigger and better. Now, accessing the Internet doesn’t only happen from a desktop or mobile, but tablets with their innovation have literally swept the market.

Today web developers have to keep in mind multiple platforms, multiple browsers and multiple electronic devices with varied screen sizes while designing websites. A desktop compatible website can no longer ensure that it will reach a wide section of the market. Moreover, Internet users expect and demand dynamic, user-friendly yet highly informative websites that can prove to be useful. Developing new attractive websites, catering into latest offerings, providing a user friendly navigation and layout to gain customers trust leads to the creation of websites and business related to them. Let us take a brief look into what are the trends that we should be watching out for the coming times:

  • HTML5 and CSS3: It is one of the most popular languages used by developers to create static web pages. Without a markup language and a style sheet language no website can be developed. Thus, the first trend we will talk about is advancement in the markup language and the style sheet language. With HTML5, now we can incorporate multimedia without relying on Flash. CSS3, however, allows the developers to create modules or separate documents, each defining new capabilities for a page. By mixing HTML5 and CSS3, the web developers are easily getting breathtaking yet simple designs for websites.

  • Use of Simple Color Schemes: Going over the top, designs no longer appeal the users. A truly successful website developer is the one who knows a lot about color composition, color mixing and understands how colors can define the vision of a business. Simple color schemes are also appealing as they are easy to view and make navigation free. It is vital factor while designing any website.

  • Parallax Scrolling: The parallax scrolling technique in web designing gives a 3D effect to certain layers of a site making images move around the website in different speed. This variation in speed creates a 3D illusion showing a sense of depth. Though this technique has been around for quite sometime, but the developers have taken it seriously now.

  • Fluid and Responsive Designs: Few people access websites via desktops today. Thus to cater to the people browsing through mobile devices, tablets, etc., another trend that has become a mainstay of the industry is fluid and responsive designs. A responsive website is the one that fits perfect to the screen size of the device and accommodates all the details about the websites accordingly. Viewing becomes easy and navigation becomes smooth.

  • Easy Navigation Methods for Touchscreen-oriented Devices: Website navigation through a touchscreen-oriented device can be difficult and thus website developers need to make it easy. While making a fluid web design, developers have to remember that websites should be easily navigable. This is one trend that is fast getting acceptance.

Designing a website is a great challenge it is essential to get in touch with a developer who upgrades his knowledge regularly and has the above trends at his fingertips. Moreover, Mindfire Solutions is the offshore software company which can foresee future trends. It understands the client's requirements and owns a team of certified technocrats who can study the trend of the IT market and helps their customer with latest techniques for designing their websites. Recently, mobile functionality has come into inclusion. The ongoing and increase in usage of Smartphones including tablet, iPhone and Blackberry, cloud computing, social media networking like Orkut, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, tools and other trends in online world have pushed the business persons to think of more innovations so that customers can get outstanding experience on their websites. As for now, these are the emerging and current web development trends but there’s nothing to comment by saying that they will not change in the future as Internet is always emerging and evolving and it is must for developers and professionals to stick on latest web trends for being competitive and up to date.

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