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DR fine the best choice for amber jewelleries

by Johndev

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Now a large number of people in the world are familiar with the name of the stone amber. It is a precious stone which is found in the mines of the Domician republic as well as in some places of Mexico. DR Fine jewels is such kind of company which is based in Domician and use to extract the amber stones from the mines there. Further they use to manufacture those stones and use to give shape to sell them in the market. This company offers an online store exclusively for the customers from there one can buy the items of amber stones as well as amber stone too.

All the amber stones are fossilised tree resin which is fossilised after millions of years as well as in some cased it also contents fossilised insects on it too. Some people use to prefer amber with insects as according to them it increases the beauty of the stone. This company use to export the items all over the world. In general there are three types of amber stones are available one is yellow, another two are green and blue respectively. Not only the stone has this company also offered necklaces, ear rings, rings made by Amber stone. Apart from amber stone they also deal with Larimar stones which all are of Larimar necklaces, larimar pendants, larimar ear rings.

Among the amber stones yellowish amber is found in higher amount than the other two amber stones. The speciality of amber stone is that the light reflection ability. When light rays falls on it the reflection of light is just to watch as all the light comes through the stone is totally glorious as well as glossy. The blue and green amber has more attraction among people as the light of blue or green acts more in the reflection than yellowish ray.

He amber beads are generally made by blue ambers which are considered the best among the amber stones.  On the site of this company you will get some awesome collection like those are the prettiest one available in the world. The price of the amber stones is depended on its weight as well as shape. The amber stone of high weight will cost more than a light stone. So just visit the site of DR Fine jewels and get some exclusive collection of natural Amber stones as well as amber Jewelleries.

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