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Job Listings Are the Best Way to Find Jobs

by lizzieRich29

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With the invention of job listings on the Internet, less and less people actually frequent their newspapers when looking for jobs. They go to job seeker sites and look at the listings there. As a matter of fact, that is how a lot of people get their jobs nowadays.

The evolution of job listings

Let's step back a bit and look at the days in which the newspaper was the only option. People would go through the lists of jobs and would circle what they thought they could do and would then call the number in the ad. This could be a frustrating process because it was time consuming.

Another thing that has happened with online job listings is that individuals are more able to find other jobs in other towns and recruiters can recruit from anywhere. It used to not be this easy. Back in the day, someone would have to call or they would have to hear it through the "grapevine" that a job was available with a company across the country. Now all it takes is a surf through a job listings site and jobs can be found on the other side of the world. It is utterly amazing and has done a lot for competition within businesses and even the economy. The best employees are placed within the best companies and some employees are even fought over because they are incredible workers. The Internet has helped revolutionize this.

3 Secrets to Finding the Best Job

Secret #1 - A hidden job market exists. Studies by a highly regarded university business school and by the U. S. Department of Labor show that 60% to 70% of jobs that are filled are not found through traditional means. These jobs are not found by responding to advertisements, through company personnel departments, independent recruiters, "headhunters", or agencies! These jobs make up what is referred to as the hidden job market. Even more important, these "hidden jobs" are the best jobs!

Secret #2 - Every business has problems. In good economic times, businesses have problems keeping up with demand, managing growth, and maintaining quality. During bad economic times businesses have problems controlling expenses while attempted to increase sales and efficiency.

Secret #3 - Great jobs are created when a business decision maker becomes aware of a person who has the talents, abilities, skills and/or knowledge to solve a particular problem.

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