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5 Must Have Recently Launched Apps in Australia

by anonymous

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No one can deny that a big part of lives depend on applications especially for people with smartphones. From laptops to tablets and from phones to car’s guidance system, apps have made our lives easier. In fact, a recent survey found that the rise of applications in Australia is pretty awesome given that it is up against the biggest cell phone markets like Russia, China and India. So, if you are not using applications, you are certainly missing a lot. This piece aims providing you information on some of the coolest new apps that should be downloaded.

1)      Mixlr

We all have that feeling of having our own radio station where we could play songs all the day or talk on important issues. Well, Mixlr can actually do that for you without any money. It is the ultimate way to produce you own radio station and tune into the stations created by others. You can talk all day long or get a chance to showcase your talent in music. The app is simply amazing with its user-friendly interface and lively icons.

2)      Yog

You are probably too busy and so are your friends to jog together but this new app can make things a lot better. Designed to help you make most out of the jogging session, this wonderful applications provides you exclusive features like pace tracker, GPS, rank finder and so on. In fact, you can also invite people to join in the competitions and see how they stand against you. A little healthy competition would certainly be a motivation to perform better each day.

3)      YouTube Capture

YouTube apps are common in smartphones today but this one is something different. YouTube capture is one of the better ways to share those special moments with the world in just seconds. It loads ready to shoot videos that can be shared with your friends and family without any charge. The application is free but there is more to it. You can only shoot the video once the phone is horizontal. Seems like a relief after those annoying vertical shoots?

4)      Google Maps

You obviously do not need an explanation why Apple map should be replaced. In fact, when Google Maps were dropped from iPhone 6, most of the users didn’t like the change and wanted the trusted service back. Some unfortunate cases, warning from Australian police and months of negotiations finally saved the day for everyone. You got to have the Google Maps with voice navigation, Street View, vector-based mapping and transit direction as it is the best iPhone mapping app ever.

5)      Google Drive

If you thought that Dropbox is enough when it comes to cloud storing, consider the benefits of Google Drive. This incredible app allows you to store up to 5 GB of data without any charges and if you want to increase that limit, pay yearly and extend the storage to 5 times. There is also a recent update that allows to edit spreadsheets has only made things better.

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