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The walls of a house or an office create the maximum impact on people’s judgment about the place’s aesthetic features. Walls on their own can lift the entire mood of the room. They can make the space look so vibrant, classy, and give a truly different feel. The dull walls and the same old paint create a bad impression on all plus the environment around you affects your mood and therefore having a good and aesthetically pleasing environment is very important. Wall coverings can really help you bring your lifeless walls back to life and create a whole new atmosphere. They are the easiest and an inexpensive way of getting the dream look that leaves everybody raving about your house.

Among wall coverings Vinyl coated ones are the most popular and widely used because of the many benefits attached to them such as durability, wear with all and looks. It is easy to install and comes with thousands of themes and patterns. Vinyl wall coverings are made with a continuous flexible film often applied over a fabric or paper backing. Some tips on choosing the right vinyl coated wall coverings are as follows:

  • Foil or Mylar is a kind of reflective covering coated with a thin, flexible metallic film. Though it requires careful handling and a perfect surface as they can expose defaults in the wall they are useful in brightening and opening up dark spaces.
  • Fabric wall coverings as the name suggests is made out of woven textiles, it is a bit tedious to maintain but is nice option for a formal set up.
  • Another great option is natural wall coverings such as grass-cloth, hemp etc. which provide great depth and texture and hide wall defects but require professional hands for installation. 
  • Flocked wall coverings are a great option if you are looking to hide imperfections in your walls. These are patterned with raised fibers suggesting a look and hand of velvet. Flocked wall coverings should not be brushed and washing instructions should be carefully read before washing.
  • Embossed wall coverings come with a stamped relief patterns featuring stylized designs. They are very durable and can be painted and re-painted. While installing make sure a steam roller is not used, get professional help.

Wall coverings are really a great way to upgrade the look the look of the house and give it a little life.

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