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What You Need to Know About Refinishing Church Seating

by earnestinekettering

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Church furniture should have the same care and treatment given to church structures. For lots of people, the church resembles a second home they go to on days of praise; hence, the furnishings and other items to be discovered in the church have to be treated with care and respect. However, daily use year in and year out can wear out the furnishings, which will require refinishing services.


Benches are generally efficiently varnished or painted wood benches with engraved church bench ends. However, for older church benches, the varnish or paint will chip or fade; in worst cases, the pews could get vandalized or scratched. Thankfully, parishes and congregations can benefit from companies that provide church seating refinishing services.

Aging benches have seating accessories that may loosen or break by the time they require refinishing, like the booklet shelf. Normally nailed or screwed to the rear of the church bench, the fastening in booklet racks may come loose from the weight of the pamphlets and booklets it carries every year. Refinishing services include polishing and reinstalling these racks, ensuring that the racks are more thoroughly secured to the pews.

Similar pew refinishing services can be done for the kneeler, which is affixed to the back of the pew. Some kneelers are taken care of; however, most benches have movable kneelers to put away, so that children do not walk, stand, or use them. These kneelers can become worn, and can loosen from the seat. Companies that offer pew-refinishing services can set up new kneelers with new cushions.


Like the pews, the pulpit may require refinishing, too. While pulpits may no longer be used in some contemporary churches considering electronic sound systems, the pulpit is a conventional platform where priests offer the sermon after the liturgy. In some churches, the pulpit is still made use of and has the sound system set up on it. The wooden ambo or barrier can be restored and polished, and the lectern and seat that the priest utilizes during sermons can be restored as well.

Other Furnishings

Some churches undergo a major improvement task involving the refinishing of all its furnishings. These can consist of the chancel table and the small tables carrying communion equipment. The prayer rails and confessionals can undergo refinishing and repairs, too. To find out more, see

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