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‘Red’ lucky for superstitious buyers of casino party

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‘Red’ lucky for superstitious  buyers of casino party supplies and table Rentals

Before buying any casino party supplies or casino table rentals, do not forget the lucky charms. Gamblers can be some of the most superstitious of bidders. Here are a few of the way card holders and dice rollers do not wear out their luck when it comes to casino rentals.

Maybe it is simple the red. Do you know why casinos use the color ‘red?’ According to the Chinese, the color red is said to signify prosperity when using any casino table rentals or casino party supplies. If luck had a color, it would be red, as red signals prosperity. It is even claimed that some Chinese players wear red underwear while playing any casino rentals to ensure they are extra lucky.

Buying red casino party supplies and eight casino table rentals

Since red is prosperous in Chinese culture, red themed casino party supplies may bring additional luck. It isn’t just the color that the Chinese consider fortunate. It is also the fact that many words sound lucky. For instance, the number “eight” sounds like fortune in Chinese. 

This may explain why, just as Americans see the number “seven” as lucky, the Chinese view the eight as lucky. Hence there is the 888 Casino and other signs of red, hot luck at casino table rentals. 

Unlucky occurrences during casino table rentals

What do any gamblers consider bad luck while using an casino rentals? Many think it is bad luck to cross paths with a nun or monk before partaking of any of these casino rentals of certain casino table rentals such as craps, Pai gow poker, Texas Stud and other games. It is also said that dogs being near casino table rentals are unlucky for those rolling the dice. In general, dogs won’t be near casino rentals except if they are guide dogs who belong to the blind.

The Chinese also believe love-making before letting any dice roll across one of the casino rentals is unlucky. The Chinese gambler may avoid casino party supplies with the number “4” on them. This is because in Chinese, “4” sounds like the word for “death.” And, this can be very unlucky for any gambler touching casino rentals or any casino table rentals. It is, in fact, said to be the most unlucky number in the course of Chinese history. 

Though a party host may not be superstitious, keeping in mind a gambler’s notions may help draw a bigger crowd at casino table rentals and attract more interest in all red-colored casino party supplies.

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