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4 Impressive African Movies that You Ought to See

by wallyhowe

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Some people rely on movies to grant them the amusement they need, while some want to have something to connect to on a much significant level. A problem that some Africans who emigrated face is getting films that tie them to their rich African culture. Fortunately, there are filmmakers and movie producers that are making an effort to create great African movies that nurture the recognition for Africa. Below are a few outstanding ones:

Cry Freedom

Richard Attenborough, a director with a propensity for films of humanity and knowledge, selected this as a follow-up to his award-winning film "Gandhi." "Cry Freedom" is similarly moving as the filmmaker's previous work, albeit with more layers representing the protagonist, Steve Biko. Biko is established to liberate black people in mid-20th South Africa, while encountering every trial he finds head-on.

Hotel Rwanda

Based on one of the most horrific events in recent history, this film demonstrates how the courage of one made an impact. "Hotel Rwanda" stars Don Cheadle as Paul Rusesabagina, a manager at a remarkably chic hotel who seeks to protect minority Tutsis from being slaughtered by Hutu extremists. Despite the fact that his efforts put him in severe danger, he persists, and, in the long run, successfully grants at least 1,000 people a second chance at life.

District 9

Not all films should be based on real-life experiences to make a significant impact. And this science-fiction film set in South Africa is proof of that. Here, the aliens are not the lethal forces normally seen on other sci-fi films; instead, they are dealt with as refugees. The movie shows the inhumane acts humans are capable of to a kind that they don't even make an effort to comprehend.


This short film shows a peek of the life of Adam, an ambitious young fashion designer from Africa who is struggling to get in one of the globe's fashion capitals, New York City. Along the way, he comes across missteps--one after another, which provokes his girlfriend to leave him. Still, Adam prevails; he remains to follow his dream. Along the way, he meets a girl that provides him the strength to do so.

These films feature the African spirit at its finest. If any of these movies interest you, check companies that offer Internet video streaming services to enjoy and watch African movies online. For more information on the movies, browse through

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