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The Features and Characteristics of Cloud Computing

by salterglassscales

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There are a lot of computer related services across the globe. And one of the newest and the most advanced one of them is cloud computing. This new computerized service is very popular amongmost IT related businesses as it allows them to provide several services such as storing a user’s data, software and computation and other related services.


The great features of cloud computing include automated features, new on demand services such as infrastructure support services or IaaS and other service models like platform as a service, software as a service and data as a service. Additional features include new levels of IT efficiency, which in turn lead to increase in revenue, in improved operations and also in advanced business goals. Since cloud computing uses computerized resources of hardware and software, these are delivered as a service over different networks.


The cloud infrastructure as a service involves a lot of processes of several characteristics that make it as one of the best computerized systems in the market. These characteristics include:

Cost Effectiveness: Businesses which use cloud computing shows the fact that the cost is reduced by this service. This is because a lot of services produced by the system are provided by a third party by making the service available to many companies at a reasonable price.

Reliability:Cloud computing is also attractive to many corporations because it is more reliable than other computing systems. This happens to be like this because the system is well monitored and all occurring problems are easily solved by the cloud experts. It is also reliable as most multiple-redundant sites are used in the system to make network speeds more efficient.


Security: Probably the most important benefit of cloud computing is its advanced security. Cloud computing provides high security systems which make it almost impossible for third parties to infiltratethe stored data, information and other documents.
Easy toMaintain: Cloud computing programs are easy to maintain as there is no need for them to be installed on every computer.

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