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Tympanostomy tube Procedure and Surgery -

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It is also referred to as ear tube surgery or myringotomy tube which describes a small tube that is inserted in the eardrum so as to aerate the middle ear for some duration & resist the settlement of certain fluids in the middle ear, leading to loss of hearing ability. In short, they are extremely thin tissues that help to separate the outer & the middle ear.

• Why is this necessary?

This method is of utmost importance so as to protect the ears from deterioration caused by harmful infections. It helps to relieve you from chronic pain & improvise your hearing abilities. It leads to proper functioning of the nervous system & its growth while the brain is adopting certain vital stages for its development. These prove useful during the epidemics like H1N1 influenza.

• Procedure:

The child is treated with general anesthesia. It is followed by a minute surgical cut that needs to be done in the eardrum in order to insert the tube. Any kind of fluid that gets accumulated in this area is sucked up through the tube & gently removed. The tube also allows the general flow of air, so as to maintain equal pressure on the dual sides of the eardrum. This method is used to bring out that are already stuck in the middle ear which are the main factors for causing loss in hearing & certain infections in ear.

The procedure is risky & certain factors are to be considered before undertaking the treatment which includes:

• A small physical test to retrieve information about the medical history, specific allergies caused due to medications, drugs, the child is undertaking like vitamins, herbs etc
• Prior to the operation, he should not be having anything after midnight & before the surgery.
There are certain risk factors of ear tube insertion which include a small non-healing hole in the eardrum. Such problems fade away easily & mostly don’t occur in children. Anesthesia can lead to certain respiratory problems.

After the surgery is over, considering following measures are important:

• Since the ear tubes are still inserted, the child should avoid moving outdoors till he recovers.
• Intake of certain drugs & antibiotics, ear drops is necessary as per suggested by the physician.



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