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How Multimedia Displays Benefit Exhibitions

by MichaelHUANG123

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Exhibitions have been permanently changed for the better by the new multimedia display technologies that have recently emerged. A multimedia display can help attract viewers and keep them more interested than traditional displays, making them a necessity for businesses that want to grow. Luckily, there is a range of multimedia display types that companies can choose from.

Rear Projection Film

Rear projection film makes an excellent multimedia display for exhibitions. It can be customized to any size and shape, making it easy to have it perfectly suited to a business's display needs. The film comes in gray for outdoor displays, which are waterproof, and clear/transparent film for indoor displays. It can be used to make exhibitions come alive with color and movement instead of having a static image simply printed onto a traditional sign. This type of multimedia display is extremely easy to install and durable enough to last.

Projection Sand Table

Another multimedia display that can be used at exhibitions is the projection sand table. This projection table made by RichTech gives users the ability to display different layers, animations and images on the same table. Exhibition attendees who are visual thinkers can really have their eyes opened by this multimedia display that combines computer generated projection with physical models. It can be extremely useful for real estate exhibits, military showcases and much, much more. The only real limit to these types of multimedia display technologies is the imaginations of the users.

Multi-Projection System

A multimedia display that can be extremely eye-catching while staying within a budget is the multi-projection system. It supports panorama projection and edge blending software. It provides a stable structure, although it is extremely simple in terms of installation and design. This high-resolution multimedia display requires only the basics for users to set up, such as a projector, a computer and a graphic card. Everything else that is needed to set up this sort of exhibition display is included in the package, whether the company chooses to purchase a double or triple projection system. This interactive display has already turned heads at many exhibition locations, including the Shanghai World Expo.

LCD Version or Projection Version Multi-Touch System

Another extremely effective multimedia display for exhibitions is the Multi-Touch System in LCD version or projection version. This technology designed by RichTech helps to transform exhibit tables into multi-touch computing surfaces for people to view information on. Unlike ordinary displays, this can be used by two or more people at the same time to view advertising, play games, special effects, art and even photographs simply by touching the surface. It comes in sizes from 17" to 100" for multimedia display exhibitions. The only difference between the LCD and projection version is how the hardware itself is set up.

Roll-Up Projection Banner

Another cutting edge multimedia display technology made by RichTech is the roll-up projection banner. It uses projection film to display a company's business without any printing required whatsoever. This type of banner is perfect for exhibitions because it is extremely portable and easy to set up. Another added benefit of this type of banner is that it is very cost effective, with a retail price of under $500. It lets businesses display whatever they would like quickly and easily by simply uploading audio, text, images and video to the unit's SD card.

Interactive Multimedia

Regardless of which type of multimedia display is used, the new trend of upgrading traditional displays is only likely to continue in the future. At ten of the biggest exhibitions seen by RichTech recently, 86% of the display booths are using different kinds of multimedia solutions now, but only 12% of these same booths have adopted interactive systems. Digital content is the direction that businesses need to go to provide the design and competition necessary for the changing world.

Full multimedia solutions offer the design and software solutions that companies need to produce successful exhibition displays. Traditional signs, printed posters and pamphlets are becoming a thing of the past, as new technologies are not only more attention grabbing, but also more effective at communication ideas, services, products and information of all kinds in an interactive and engaging way for potential customers.


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