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File Recovery software can also recover permanently deleted

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If some important files have been deleted accidentally by you, you find yourself in a major problem. Such situation can be seen anytime and by anyone. Normally, when any file gets deleted by mistake, it signals a huge problem for you. You lose significant data. But don't get upset. There is no need to lose hope. Today, it is easy to recover deleted files even if these files have been deleted permanently from the Recycle bin. File recovery software have made it possible to recover files. These tools perform file recovery quite well.

 One major misconception is that when a file is deleted from your computer, it is gone forever. But, actually this is not true. When a file gets deleted, it is still on your system. When deletion operation is performed on a file, operating system marks the space occupied by the deleted file as free space. Those files become inaccessible for you via the Operating system, but the data of the file remains intact on the drive.

 If you are a Windows user, then you the advantage of searching for the deleted files in the Recycle bin. Recover the deleted file(s) from the Recycle bin by simply locating the Recycle Bin and using the 'Restore' option to restore the selected file. Though the Recycle Bin plays a key role in recovering deleted items, a bitter truth about the Recycle bin is that it does not save every deleted file. If the files are too huge, or the space allocated to the recycle bin is less than the deleted file, then the file is not saved, but deleted permanently.

 If you have used the shift+delete command to delete the file, then those deleted files are still recoverable. As discussed above, the data saved in those files is intact, if you have recently deleted it. But there are times, when the operating system requires space for other files. If such a situation has been encountered, then the data may have been overwritten. If you do not overwrite the file, then the deleted file and all its data can be recovered. And this can be done using a third-party file recovery software. A number of tools are available that are used to perform file recovery. All the data of the file is easily recovered using any of these software.

 Stellar Phoenix File Recovery Plus is a comprehensive tool used to perform file recovery. It recovers data of the deleted file without changing the main structure. It recovers the files irrespective of the reason for file deletion. This software works for all versions of Windows operating system, such as Windows 7, Vista, XP, Server 2003, and 2000.

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