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What is contact dermatitis?

by zeepharmacy

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This defines as an inflammation of the skin which is caused by the contact of the foreign bodies. It leads to red, itchy & swollen skin where rashes are noticed. The symptoms of this infection differ from person to person who depends upon the severity of the allergic or the irritant reactions. The effects of these reactions can occur suddenly or can come across later after being exposed to such irritants.

This type of allergy mainly affects the hands since there is continuous contact with certain perfumes, cosmetics, skin care & hair care products which contain specific chemicals that prove to be infectious & this gets applied on the face, scalp & neck. Areas under the worn jewelry can also have an impact of red soar rashes. It leads to acute pain or inflammation & sometimes even leads to severe itching.

The rashes are often associated with the following:

• Soft tender skin & warm.

• Weak blisters.

• Red pimples that may swell.

The healing of such bumps takes a long time to heal. The irritation in the infected tissue mainly remains in the epidermis which represents the outer layer of the skin & the outer dermis which is the layer which is situated below the skin. Contact dermatitis is categorized accordingly:

• Irritant contact dermatitis:
They are further classified into certain types caused by chemical & physical irritants. The chemical irritants include solvents like alcohol, acetone, ketone etc; metal working liquids such as neat oils; kerosene, cosmetics & many more. On the other hand, the physical type is caused the low humidity mostly from the air conditioners.

• Allergic contact dermatitis:
This is a very hypersensitive infection & is a dominant kind of immune toxicity found in the human beings. The factors leading to this infection are complex which include nickel, gold, chromium, the oily covering from the plants.

• Photo contact dermatitis:
Nicknamed as photo aggravated, this type is classified as phototoxic & photo allergic kinds. This mainly is caused from eczema that gets accelerated due the contact of less harsh object on the skin & UV rays. The toxins related with this type are the psoralens which are used for therapeutic treatments of psoriasis & eczema.

• Treatment & remedial measures.

1. Try avoid any contacts with the allergens or irritants & if they do wash the affected area with lots of water thoroughly to get rid of the infectious objects remaining on the skin.
2. Apply lotions to make your skin dry, like the anti-itching ones so as to reduce the symptoms.
3. If the blisters start developing, apply cold compresses for some time, at least thrice a day to relieve the pain & itch.
4. Do not scratch in the affected region which accelerates the infection.


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