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Different Registered Nursing Jobs Available

by jackwilliam1

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When it comes to nursing jobs, there is a plethora of opportunities available. You would be surprised to know that nurses make up a significantly large majority of health care professionals. There are some jobs in this profession that are commonly available to registered nurses. However, before you can even think about applying for a job as a registered nurse, you need to undergo the appropriate educational qualification and training. There are three main kinds of degree programs offered by most universities and colleges in this field. For instance, there is a four year Bachelors in Science in Nursing, an accelerated BSN degree or an associate degree. After you are done with your degree, you can apply for a national level test. If you pass this test, you will be eligible to apply for entry level registered nursing jobs.
There is no question about the fact that the main duties of a nurse encompass promoting the overall health of the population and keeping it away from diseases. A nurse will also have to create awareness amongst people regarding the importance of staying healthy, passing this information on to others and warning them about any diseases that the community may be prone to. Nursing jobs also involve taking care of those who are ill and also assisting in their rehabilitation. They may also have to provide emotional support to the families and friends of the diseased. Jobs that involve the general care of patients are performed by general duty nurses. They keep track of the patient's performance by checking for symptoms and seeing if any progress has been made. Their responsibilities also include administering prescribe medication, supervising licensed practical nurses and aides.

Other nursing jobs include the advanced practical nurses. These nurses get to enjoy a great deal of independence. In addition to the usual training required for nurses, these nurses have to undergo some specialized training as well which goes beyond that given to primary health care practitioners. They may work independently or collectively with doctors to administer health care to patients.

Registered nurses can also apply for specializations after they have undergone the required amount of education, training and certification. There are four kinds of specializations that the nurses can opt for. The first is the specialization by treatment type or work setting such as nursing jobs in the intensive care unit. Another specialization is according to the disease the patients are suffering from, such as HIV. Thirdly, they can also specialize in a particular body organ or system. For instance, nurses may only deal with patients who are suffering from kidney problems. Lastly, specialization can also be undertaken for a specific part of the population, such as children or elderly people.
Since registered nursing jobs are promising and bright future career, it would only make sense that you should be able to jump on the bandwagon and work towards your nursing degree. Begin after you graduate from high school and get a jumpstart in the job market, working in a profession that allows you room for career advancement. In this tough time of bad economic downturn, other job fields are laying off people at rapid rate. However in the medical area there are growing demands and they are already experiencing a shortage of nurses. If you are planning ahead now, then there will be a high chance of getting better job security and possible higher wages waiting for you. Salaries vary depending on the nurse's background and experience per location, but most of average nurse can earn a comfortable living wage level.




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