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Automatic Knives The terrible danger of or is it?

by Menssffect

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Having vast experience with the best commandos on the planet, I can report quite accurately what professionals think about automatic knives as weapons or the dangers of.

Yes, automatic knives are dangerous to… their owner. Otherwise they are not a much of a weapon. They might open in your pocket and give you a second circumcision or something like that.


Automatic knives are cumbersome to handle, there is a lot of fumbling with the safety locker, if there is one; the push button is hell to find on some, and both might get stuck for one reason or another.


Want a knife that is a real weapon? Well, here is one; it’s called a combat knife. All you have to do is to find how to carry that sucker and you’re all set.


The facts show that most of the harm in civil population is inflicted with kitchen knives and even more with screwdrivers. The real champions of mayhem are pipes of any kind.


Automatic knives are carried by criminal elements mostly to show off, the Italian stiletto automatic knives a.k.a switchblades (all automatic knives are switchblades). The latter is designed for stabbing, but stabbing only will not neutralize anyone for some time, only in the movies; the knife has to be twisted and cut in order to accomplish things for real immediately. Italian switchblades are lousy cutters; most other automatic knives configurations are lousy piercers.

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