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Using Floor Plan Automation for Designing House Floor Plans

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A house floor plan is a drawing, to scale the relationships between rooms, spaces and other physical features at one level of a structure. Choosing a house floor plan is not just an economic decision but also affects the marketability of the property. House floor plans having smart features and great utilities will add more value during a resale.
Each family has their personalized needs and expectations their house. Calculating the floor space for each section of the house depends upon the number of persons living in the house, gender and type of family. Although each house floor plans have the same basics; bedrooms, baths, kitchen, living area, and utilities, it depends on how these spaces are used. The ideal segregation of floor space makes a home unique.

House plan designers will offer you the option of either choosing from a range of standard house plans or designing your own plan in consultation with your architect. If you are not too sure about choosing your home plan, it is better that sticking to a standard house floor plan will help, as the standards are pre set plans by professionals. Some of the house floor plans are discussed below:

Single Bed Room House Floor Plan

One-bed room house floor plans are usually a garage apartment, a studio apartment, or a cottage

Cottage Floor Plans

Cottages are prominent in England, where settlers built their homes surrounded by lush gardens. As these homes were only one story, the master suite was placed on one side to protect the privacy and the remaining bedrooms to other side of the house.

European Floor Plans

European floor plans are almost two stories or more and may feature a lower level that will be a perfect gateway for the kids, or for the seating arrangement for the guests. This floor plan is spacious with an open layout featuring vaulted ceilings, tall windows, and a combined kitchen.

Modern Floor Plans

Modern style floor plans became popular after the World War II. The floor plan of a modern house is usually to draw nature in through the large windows. Outdoor living space may be the most important feature, as it will be visible through an abundance of windows.

Floor Plan Automation

Gone are the days of graphic paper, for plotting the floor plans. With automated software, you can now design your own house floor plans. You can sketch out your walls, windows, doorways and other structural elements and then place appliances, plants wherever you need them. If you have decided to custom design your house floor plan, here are the advantages of floor plan software.

• Design your dream kitchen floor plan
• Detail electrical and telecommunication needs in a floor plan that includes outlets, phone placement and electrical wiring
• Rearrange furniture in a household floor plan
• Depict architectural changes in a remodeling floor plan

Whether you chose a pre made floor plan or custom design, you should go ahead with a house floor plan that suits your life style, has adequate privacy, eliminates unused spaces, has abundant storage space and the most important factor of all, gives you and your family members the maximum comfort.

Get the right house floor plan that suits your life style. Get in touch with us for designing custom house floor plans suiting your requirements. For information on house floor plans, visit  Wikipedia.

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