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Recuperative Procedures a Salt Lake City Dentist Can Give

by nannielivingstone

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Most accidents and conditions can alter one's perfect pearly whites. Gum problems, tooth cavities, and tooth damage can be kept from occurring; however, a lot of people get oral disorders because of dental accidents and poor hygiene. Dental injuries and diseases that are in need of expert care can be handled using the following dental services:

Root canal procedure.

Tooth decay or dental caries primarily begins at the base of the tooth and reaches into the root under the gums. Instead of extracting the tooth, a competent Salt Lake City dentist may carry out root canal treatment. After offering the patient adequate anesthesia, the damaged tooth is drilled, the infected pulp is eliminated, and the vacant space is switched out with fillings of the exact same color as the patient's tooth. The tooth is additionally fitted with a tooth-colored crown.


If crowns are caps fitted over molars, veneers do an identical purpose but are largely used for incisors and canines, the front pairs of teeth visible when a person is smiling. However, crowns are frequently made with metal and are covered with tooth-colored composite resin, while veneers are made with porcelain, equally with a color that matches the patient's tooth. Some clients can decide on veneers and crowns whiter than their own teeth to boost their smiles.

Effective Teeth bleaching.

Like crowns, veneers are similarly used to guard the teeth from injury and disease, especially when the teeth they guard are certainly badly weakened. However, reputable dentists in Salt Lake City advise that veneers be reserved for restorative treatment, and protect otherwise whole and healthy teeth. If whole and healthy teeth require whitening, dental bleaching can be administered. A peroxide solution is applied to stained teeth to get rid of stains.


Teeth that can not be restored with root canal procedure have to be changed out altogether to avoid infecting the other teeth. A decayed tooth is removed and allowed to heal for a time; then, a titanium screw is embedded into the gum and the alveolar bone underneath. After allowing the mouth to recover around the screw, a new crown is installed over the screw.

Dentures and bridges.

Individuals with a bunch of infected teeth can have dentures or bridges fitted. Dentures are a set of false teeth made to comprise an entire dental arch, while a bridge changes a minimum of three teeth side by side. To learn more, visit

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