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Car Stereo Buyers Guide - Selecting a Head Unit

by rimmsrosers

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In the automotive aftermarket, one of the most upgraded items in any car is the stereo. Car owners of all ages often choose to upgrade their stereo first. The first step in upgrading the stereo is changing out the head unit or deck. The head unit is the control center for the entire stereo system and is the piece of the equipment the driver uses to control the system. There are many options and add-on accessories you can add to any head unit and it is good to consider which of these you may be interested in prior to purchasing the head unit. is a website witch gives all information about Stereos and Head Units, Amplifiers, Speakers.

Depending on your car, you may have a few options on the size of radio you choose. "DIN" is the terminology used to describe the physical size of the radio, a single din unit is 2x7 in size and a double-din is 4x7. Most cars come with one of three size factory radios a single "DIN", a double "DIN" and a "DIN and a half." Many late model cars come with a double din sized stereo or the ability to add one. Some cars come equipped with a "DIN and a half" radio or even a single "DIN", but have the ability to add a double din unit without major modifications, other cars do not. If you take a tape measure and measure the face of your factory radio you can determine what size radio you are going to need. Doing some research online can also help you determine if you are able to install a double din radio in your car.Once you have decided what size head unit you would like to purchase, you will have to make choices on a wide variety of other options.

One of the first decisions to make when purchasing a head unit is to decide whether you want a head unit that will play video or not.This decision will help narrow down your choice for a head unit. If you do decide to purchase a head unit that will play video, there are three varieties you can choose from: the flip-out single din, the double din, or the single din with a tv built in. The flip out style features a 6.5" or 7" tv with either touch screen controls or buttons on the side or bottom. The radio will motor out from the dash and then flip up for the driver to see the screen. A double din also features a 6.5" or 7" screen, touch screen controls, or a row of buttons either on the side or bottom or a mixture of the two, having a touch screen plus other buttons on the bottom or side, but is flush in the dash board. A single din with a built in tv is a standard size din radio, typically with a 2.5"-4" tv built into the face.

If you have selected to use a head unit that will play video, you may have the option of adding on-screen navigation to that head unit. You may also have the option of purchasing a video deck that also has built-in navigation. Installing navigation generally requires a disk or hard drive and an antenna you must mount on the outside of the car to track your position. If you plan on adding navigation, it is generally more expensive to add a video head unit that will allow on-screen navigation than to purchase a hand-held navigation. However, the looks and ease of use with having it built in to your radio is well worth the extra cost. is a website witch gives all information about Stereos and Head Units, Subwoofers, Multi Disk Changers, Installation and Accessories.

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