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Solar Trackers – A Unique Way to Increase the Productivity

by orionsolar

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There are lots of people who admit the beneficial aspects of solar panels. Solar panels are large used as a way of alternative energy. This is a unique resource that can save your electricity cost. There are so many places where you can use solar panel system, for example: ground mount, roof mount, ballast mount, and pole mount systems can be used according to your choices. Thousands of people are there who are using solar systems to power their homes. It saves a lot of energy and it is also an environment friendly source of energy.

Among the popular appliances of solar energy solutions, solar trackers are one of most important part of all. You can increase your annual output by a minimum 30% by using solar trackers. Solar tracker is actually a device that is used for orientation of day lighting reflector, solar panel or concentrating solar reflector or lens toward the sun. It works best when pointed at or near the sun. As a result the tracker can increase the effectiveness of your roof or ground mount system over any fixed position.

You can use either single or dual axis tracker. Single axis tracker generally increase the annual output by a minimum of 30%. At the same time the dual axis tracker increases the annual output by an additional 6%. These trackers are perfect for using in solar panels. This ensures the maximum efficiency of your systems. You may find some solar units sold with trackers but they are rather expensive. At the same time it is also true that you may find some inexpensive trackers that are sold alone. However, if you want to save a great deal of money you can also make your own tracker.

The economics benefits should also be taken care of when you are dealing with your household electricity. You can use solar trackers during the summer when the solar panels produce much electricity and have a net metering agreement in place. As a result you can also build surplus of electricity that you can use during the winter months when there is less sun.

One of the most important parts of installing solar panels is that you should spend some of your bucks on the base mounting of the solar tracker. Generally the trackers are used as a wind sail. This is the reason you don’t want the system to be blown over by a gust of wind. You need to use more concrete process that you are advised to keep the base in place.

Most of the manufacturers of solar panels offer manual switch kits in order to allow the users to control the position of solar trackers. This switch also allows you to move the solar panels in cases of maintenance as well as removing debris.

Depending on the location where you want to use the panel, you need to choose the type of the tracker. You actually need to keep the trackers at such a place where maximum sunlight is received.

You can say that solar trackers can increase the productivity of your solar panels from 25 to 40%. As a result they are considered a valuable investment for you.

Orion Solar Racking specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of solar racking solutions, solar carports, roof mount, ground mount solutions and provides all types of solar panels for residential, agriculture, industrial, government, commercial and utility grade projects. Our mission is to promote renewable energy solutions and making solar trackers installation simple.


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