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A guide to organize safer events

by liyo89

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The security of any event is very essential, as objectives, goods, human lives, all can be lost, sustain damage and so on. You don’t have to go that far; it is enough to have a personal event like a wedding being destroyed due to lack of security.


Hence, careful precautions and planning can insure that the event will go on without any disturbances as planned. This is the brief and comprehensive guide to successful event planning that can help you if you wish to consider bodyguard services in London UK for a huge number of smaller and larger events.


1. Event location

It is essential to investigate the particular location and all possible security breaches must be noted and dealt later on. For all the interior spaces, means all the exits that include hidden passages, emergency passages and so forth. For outdoors, the investigating process has to deal with access ways, pathways and the zone in itself, as the high brow events has to be secured well.


2. Knowing the event

To organize the security of an event, a smartly planned outline of the event has to be made. What activities will occur, number of attendees and where will they be located and whether there is any important attendee who needs any further security. These are some of the vital points that have to be kept in mind while planning the security of an event.


3. Knowing the attendees

This will include an estimate of the number of people present, whether they will be permitted for entrance in the premises unrestricted or after screening, whether there are any attendees which require entrance without verifying them – VIPs, etc. At this stage the security measures can vary depending on the status of the people invited and on the type of event. This has to be passed down to all security personnel and also, the roles that the security guards will have can be discussed.


4. What incidents are probable to occur?

A list of all the incidents that are likely to occur has to be plotted as well. This is event specific, and, to continue with the example mentioned above, a wedding will be bound to have some uninvited guests, maybe some inebriation or some other problems of the sort. Depending on the type of incidents that can be expected the VIP bodyguard for hire London will be prepared in advance as to the way to respond and how their responsibilities will be divided amongst them.

5. Communication during the event

Most important during the event, the Armstrong security services must have a clear way of staying in touch and communicating with each other as well as with the attendees when required. This will include means of communication and the hierarchical organization of all security personnel.



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