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Sore Penis Solutions: Soothing the Skin after Masturbation

by man1health

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About 90 percent of American men admit that they masturbate. It's considered a healthy, normal and natural way to burn off a little steam when a sexual partner isn't available or just isn't interested. There are times, however, when this normally healthful activity can lead to real pain. Very vigorous movements are often to blame, leaving the penis feeling chafed, irritated and sore. Penis care can help restore that vital organ to its former glory, and amending hand positions and techniques when the next round of playtime arrives could keep the problem from occurring in the future.


Rough Handling of the Skin Leads to Big Problems

Common injuries attributed to masturbation have to do with friction. Fast skin-on-skin contact can be incredibly pleasurable, but tiny tissue tears can form after just a few minutes of this sort of movement. Similarly, some men use a very tight grip during their play sessions, and they twist and contort the penis in the process. This kind of action can be very damaging, leading to the buildup of scar tissue that could make future erections more difficult to achieve.


Since sex can lead to pain, some might wonder why men they don't just stop at the first sign of damage. The inner workings of the brain are at fault here. Researchers have found that the pituitary gland is active during sex, releasing chemicals that can reduce the sensation of pain. This little gland might allow a man to do a fair amount of damage during a masturbation session that he doesn't feel at all while he's in the moment. When all of the chemicals of sex have washed away, however, the skin might flood the sleepy brain with signals of intense pain, and that can last for days. 


Amending the Technique

If skin-on-skin contact is bad, poor lubrications might be even worse. Harsh soaps or gooey hand lotions are easy to grab for a furtive session, but these products often contain ingredients that can be much too harsh for the delicate penis, including:


  •   Fragrances
  •   Dyes
  •   Anti-bacterial agents
  •   Lye


Personal lubricant products, sold in most major pharmacies, can help provide a barrier and they have been specifically formulated for use in intimate areas of the human body. These might be better choices when the urge to strike sets in.


Men who want to reach the finish line as quickly as possible before they're caught or before they're late for a pressing appointment often use tugging and twisting motions. Setting aside time to do the job right might be key for these men, as they'll be able to focus on more sensual, enticing movements that take a bit longer to achieve results. A little experimentation might be in order for men who know of no other way to achieve an orgasm without really yanking on their equipment. In time, even hard-core abusers can find techniques that bring them pleasure now and no pain later.


Soothing Sore Skin

Men who are struggling with pain now, due to a forceful session that just took place, will need to abstain from sexual activities until they heal. A few days of breathing room can allow the rough, sore skin to mend. In the interim, proper penis care can help to speed that healing process along. A warm rinse, followed by a quick wipe with soap and another rinse, should be enough to clean the penis. No scrubbing with a washcloth or loofah will be required. After this gentle cleaning, a penis health crème (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can deliver vitamins and minerals to the skin, providing the cells with the nutrients they need as they heal. 


For additional information on most common penis health issues, tips on improving penis sensitivity, and what to do to maintain a healthy penis, visit: John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous online web sites.

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