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Stem cell research

by worldwidehealth

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With the increasing resources of science and technology, the people are getting themselves more and more involved in making important researches that are increasing changing our idea about our life. These researches are certainly more important as they are aimed at bringing more and more success it their trail. The work done in the field of stem cell research is regarded as a great invention that has successfully changed the focus of common man towards the basic construction of the human body. These Stem cells are known for their unmatched potential to grow into various kinds of cells that are always responsible for carrying out different tasks in the human body. These special cells are capable of repairing the internal damages that occur in the body during different life processes.


The function of these stem cells is very important for the human body as the entire human body is made up of cells. In other words, it can be said that the cells are the basic units of the human body and our body lives and functions with the help of different kinds of cells. The process of cell division is known to everyone as it is a basic function of the all types of cells that are found in the body. The main characteristic of these stem cells lies in the fact that these stem cells also divide into new cells and these new cells are also capable of doing some specialized functions as required by the body. While a division in these stem cells takes place, the new cells either remain a stem cell itself or they become any other type of cell that is required in their location. You can easily understand the versatility of these stem cells by the fact that these new cells can start functioning as brain cells, blood cells or muscle cells.  


The scientists have made it easy to identify these cells on the basis of their characteristics. These stem cells show two types of characteristics. According to the scientists, one type of stem cells is identified as unspecialized cells that can renew themselves by virtue of cell division.  These types of cells do not lose their functionality even if they can remain inactive for certain period of time.  These unspecialized cells start working in their original capacity the moment they start functioning again. On the other hand, the other type of stem cells show the characteristic of specialized cells and are capable of functioning as original cells. These types of stem cells are capable of working in specialized areas of the body like heart and pancreas.


The various kinds of stem cells are very useful for the human body as they are responsible for various types of functions. The specialized stem cells protect the blastocyst, the 3-5 day embryo, from inside and help it to grow naturally without facing any dangerous situation. These stem cells are capable of functioning as regular cells in all the complicated as well as more important organs of the human body including heart, skin, lungs, and help in the formation of sperms and eggs. Some of these specialized cells form specialized tissues that function well in the repairing work of any type of damage in the body.


Stem cells are skilled in dividing and transforming themselves for long periods of time. Various kinds of specialized cells in the areas like muscles, blood, or nerves can show more activities by replicating themselves in other forms. The stem cells have the capacity to replicate more than one time, or to proliferate in the end. A bigger number of specialized stem cells that proliferate for many months in a laboratory can give away millions of new cells with greater possibility of functions. If the newly formed stem cells carry on to show the characteristics of unspecialized cells, like the source stem cells, then the cells are capable of renewing tem for a longer period of time.

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