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Global Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Outlook 2013

by anonymous

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Over the next five years, we will witness surge in approval of new drugs that would deliver a major improvement in the standard of care. Therapy areas - Oncology, Diabetes, Ophthalmology HCV, Atrial Fibrillation, Multiple Sclerosis, Dyslipidemia, Alzheimer’s and Melanoma are few select areas where newer therapies that are safer and more efficacious will reach the market. Many of these innovations promise a paradigm shift in the standard of care. The year 2012 has marked the beginning of this trend as many new blockbuster drug were approved and we also witnessed promising proof of concept data on many of the potential path breaking innovation. There are also major outcome clinical trials that will deliver data over the next few years and if positive, we will see the change in fortunes of many existing drugs that are on the market.

In the near term as well the sector continues to remain attractive, as cost containment initiatives, restructuring/deconsolidation, share repurchase program, M&A, emerging market growth potential and dividend policy continue to be encouraging. Over the next few years, the growth of the industry would be shaped up by a battle between fundamental growth drivers (Value added innovation) versus regulatory pressures to contain costs.

Global Biopharmaceutical Outlook 2013-Large Cap Pharma, released by MP Advisors provides analyses of individual large cap companies, promising drug candidates in their late stage pipelines, competitive landscape, and important therapy areas where new innovation will create leadership, forecast for major marketed drugs where competition/ regulatory scenario will change the dynamics, and the potential impact of several important upcoming milestones on the industry.

Key Topics Covered

Value Based Pricing- Strength of Innovation Vs Fiscal Pressures
Major therapy areas to shape up pharma business going forward
Europe – Regulatory Pressures and Increasing Pro Generic Stance
Will US fall to Pricing Pressures?
Emerging Markets and their importance in Growth of Large Cap Pharma
Global Pharma -Drugs Losing Patent Protection By 2017
Impact of patent expiry in w.r.t. 2012 total revenue thru 2017
Global Pharma Research Pipeline (PhII And PhIII)- 2013
Global Pharma Milestones in 2013
Roche: Breast Cancer Franchise And Actemra To Drive Near Term Growth, And Multiple Blockbusters In Pipeline To Take Care Of Long Term Growth
GlaxoSmithKline: Next Generation Bronchodilators, Melanoma, Hiv And Emerging Market To Lead The Way While Regulatory Overhang In Respiratory And EU Pricing Pressure Persist
Bristol-Myers Squibb: Pressures To Dominate In The Near Term, Pipeline Will Take Longer To Deliver
AstraZeneca: 2013 Will Be A Transition Year And AZN May Have To Take Some Bold Initiatives
Eli Lilly: Late Stage Pipeline Fickle And Risky
Merck: News-flow from Mega-trial on MRK’s cardiology Franchise would reshape Merck’s Growth Prospects
Novartis: Back on a Growth Trajectory
Novo Nordisk: Hemophilia Franchise and Thrice Weekly Degludec – The Future Drivers
Pfizer: M&A Only Can Drive Further Upside In The Near Term
Sanofi: Solid Base Business, But Upside From Pipeline Will Take Longer To Come About
Global Pharma Sector Industry Tables

I. Global Pharma: Value based pricing to gain strength - A Perspective Strength of Innovation Vs Fiscal Pressure
a. With Austerity Measures already in place, the next wave of Investment opportunities will only be driven by Innovations and M&A
b. Can Innovation Transform the Growth Trajectory for Pharma Companies Going Forward? – The Trend seems to be encouraging
c. Pricing Pressure in the US is likely to be driven by challenge to insure more people, and yet manage the healthcare costs
d. Transformation of Large cap Pharma after patent cliff
e. Reimbursement hurdles
f. Key measures of the ObamaCare in the US that should impact Drug Expenditure going forward

II. New Innovations in Select Therapy Area’s if Successful, could Drive Growth beyond Patent Expiries
Prevalence, market size opportunities and competitive landscape analysis of following therapy class
New generation oral anticoagulants
Multiple Sclerosis
Breast cancer
Respiratory-COPD and Asthma
Hepatitis C Virus (HCV)
Diabetes – GLP-1 agonists and DPP-4 inhibitor
Acute Coronary Syndrome – PCSK9 antibody –Mechanism and Opportunities
Alzheimer’s – BACE Inhibitors – Mechanism and opportunities

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