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What is VPS Hosting, dedicated server hosting ?

by Robatjhnson

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What is VPS Hosting?

VPS means virtual private server hosting, it is available in two platforms one is with the windows operating system and another one is with Linux operating system. Both have many uncommon things and a client should choose them on the basis of their needs and convenience. VPS hosting is really very popular because it provides most of the features of a dedicated hosting at a lower price.

VPS hosting got popularity recently and doing a fine job in the market and has slowly attracted the customers' interest towards it. VPS uses the technology of the Virtualization and is very much helpful in maintaining a single or multiple servers. With a VPS server you will be getting features that are unimaginable. You can reboot each server individually inside a VPS server and you can scale up and down the server resources and requirements. Basically it acts as a completely different physical device. It is actually dedicated to an individual user for all its server needs and its network and server space is not to be shared with anyone although other clients also reside on the same physical layer but any kind of threat is minimized inside a VPS server.


What is dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is a website hosting service that specifically made for a single client. If the client has hired a dedicated server then the client has all the usage rights without sharing it with others during that period. This type of hosting will enable the users to choose and include whatever they think will be beneficial for their business and in accordance with the needs and requirements.

Dedicated server has become a catchphrase in the recent past and it simply suggests leasing of a server that completely dedicated to your business and needs and will according to your guidance with amazing ease and convenience. You can easily control the operating system, hardware and other resources. This server supports and works fine with both platforms such as Windows and Linux operating system environment. It is a little expensive when compared to the shared server and the VPS server. However, this proves to be worthy in the long run.

If you want to have a firm presence in the online world with a trusted brand name you should have a robust IT backbone and support. This will directly help you in smoothing your online business operations along with that it will increase your opportunities to maximize every slight benefit of using the web.


What is Cpanel Web Hosting?

Cpanel web hosting is tool that you normally get when you hire a web hosting service for your business, the tools basically allows the clients to take complete charge of their hosting account and their website. It’s a graphical user interface to control and change the settings that are required to run and maintain the website with ease. With the CPanel interface the users are proficient to perform a lot of tasks in the proper administration of the website in a very cost effective manner and will save a lot of time.

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