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Escorting Is a Lot Harder Than You May Think

by joeroot1201

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Women for millennia have been giving up their day jobs, so to speak, and turning their hand at a very misunderstood profession of dating men as a career. Whilst people of narrow mindedness may look down on these women, an afternoon spent with one will likely dispel any preconceived misconceptions anyone may have. To begin with, being an escort, or an escort recruit is a lot harder than you may think. This is a profession where each book is judged by its cover, so hours spent at hair salons, beauty therapists and in stores shopping for the best in fashion is only the beginning. These girls have to look their best at all times, as escorts are on call any time, anywhere and for anything that may come to mind, therefore these girls have to be impeccably presented. Nothing disappoints a client more than thinking they are getting a fantasy girl and ending up with a girl who looks like she works in the coffee shop down the road!

After making it through the first part of the date selection process, a girl then needs to be able to hold her own with any man she heads out on a date with. This may be conversationally, and an escort recruit will have to be up to play with all manner of current events, stock exchange information and general travel, as the men they will be spending time with will want to chat about what it is they do and what they find interesting. A girl must also have a good sense of humour and more importantly be incredibly discreet. Dates in the city will share all sorts of private information with these girls, and these girls must be able to listen, take it in, and never divulge anything to anyone else. The reason why high powered businessmen have been visiting escorts for so many years is that these girls act as a sounding board, a beautiful counsellor and all other manner of things and never once will let anything slip.


Counselling is another huge part of being an escort recruit. Men who spend time with escorts will no doubt have something to get off their chests, whether they are having a hard time at work or they have a marriage on the rocks due to stress, children or work commitments, and they will want to chat about some of these things with their dates. Escorts will offer advice and help their date to relax, therefore leaving the meeting on a high note. To escort isn’t just to look good and love to go out on dates all over London, escorting is misunderstood yet crucial to keeping the men of this city happy, healthy and relaxed.



Joe Root is a writer with experience in magazine columns, short articles and editing. He is the author of this article on More About Girl Recruit. For more information Escort Recruitment.

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