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Always consider who you’re cooking for

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There’s a certain charm to a woman with curves in all the right places. From busty escorts to saucy little minxes that burn up the dancefloor at any club, they certainly turn a man’s eye. It might look like god has decided to bless them with incredible beauty but in reality it takes a lot of work to look that good. Women with hourglass figures have to be very careful about what they eat, lest their curvaceous bodies become their own worst enemies.

That’s why so many of them have a real issue with the christmas holidays. The cold weather and relaxing nature of it all makes the gym seem like a thoroughly unappealing place, so they normally got a lot less exercise. If that wasn’t bad enough, most of the festive feasts enjoyed up and down the country are loaded with fats and sugars, just waiting to turn her killer looks into frumpiness. That’s why real gentlemen bear in mind who they’re cooking for and sacrifice a massive hunk of meat for something a little more refined and a lot less fattening.

1. Pea and ham soup, with goats’ cheese croutons
The perfect replacement for the standard, gloopy prawn cocktail that starts many meals. This fresh take on an old classic is rich and luxurious but surprisingly low on fat as it takes its wonderful texture from the blended pea-shells rather than ladles of cream. The croutons add a touch of delight and, when used sparingly, don’t add that many calories to the dish.

2. Avocado salad, with citrus dressing and a hint of chili.
The richness of the avocado, with it’s thick, yielding flesh, is one of the few things that can really challenge meat for texture and flavour. Dressed in lemon, lime and a splash of orange, the creamy green fruit has a refreshingly tangy taste that will delight those that normally loathe salads. The chili gives a little bit of variety and spice to the whole dish and adds the little twist that daring diners and busty escorts alike will find utterly irresistible.

3. Fish cakes, with lemon and coriander.
Once the preserve of school dinners and greasy chip shops, fish cakes have undergone somewhat of a renaissance recently. Realising that the robust texture and portion sizes of meat could be replicated with leaner fish and bread-crumbs has lead many restaurateurs to look in this exciting new trend and offer a healthy, but substantial meal to their diners.

4. Strawberries poached in a vinegar and white wine.
Although it may not sound that great on paper, the tart sting of balsamic vinegar is truly delicious when paired with the clean, juicy flesh of the strawberry. The two work well together as a contrast of sweet fruit and tart juice, but the real selling point is the depth of flavour that the vinegar is able to bring out a strawberry, one that is unrivalled by any other method of serving. The shock factor is vital for impressing guests that are tired of the same old things. A banoffee pie, no matter how wonderful, is never going to impress anyone who’s used to being wined and dined like a busty escort. Special guests need to be given special dishes, which is why this unusual dish is the perfect end to an inspired meal.


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