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Say It in A Million Ways with Funny T Shirts

by anonymous

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The biggest reason why people love wearing funny T shirts is to impress others, and in a manner that still portrays humor. Men and women have a thing for these T shirts, men will dress in them to impress the women or pass a feeling that has less tension just to relax the moods of the woman. Humor is always the perfect remedy for such situations and achieving this through what one is wearing makes things simpler than find those perfectly funny words to say. Funny T shirts are done in symbols, artistic expressions, words, phrases, slogans, pictures and cartoons. Its all about reading or identifying with the humor, which may at times be in plain view or hidden.


The things that many be funny to a certain lot of people may not necessarily have the same impact on another. People of different age groups will related and identify with funny remarks or expressions. What is funny to some teenagers may not be necessarily come across as humorous to some adults; nevertheless, there is a fine line that simply makes things funny to people of all age groups. At times, it becomes best to understand what each age groups loves, which is a facet that fashion brand houses use in making funny T shirts. Some adults may be into cartoons other may not; the trick is to ensure a touch of everything that bears humor exists.


Various sources give varied funny expression that can go on T shirts. The entertainment industry, in particular the television and radio can be a rich treasure chest. Both adults and the young will sample words, phrases, of pictures of prominent people in the entertainment industry. That also goes when animations are concerned. Unlikely quarters to find funny expression are those that cover sports, yet people still will find humor in such activities. The market is never short of funny T shirts that give reference to the entertainment sector. At the end of the day, it is about sharing this and putting a smile on another person’s face.


While the key focus in funny T shirts would be humor, passing a message across is also part of the bigger picture. Hence, many of the words, symbols, pictures or cartoons used in these T shirts will not just brings out a funny side of life, but will also express meaningful information. At times, people will buy T shirts with funny remarks or pictures. On the other hand, some people will prefer having funny T shirts that bear a personal touch.

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