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Unusual Christmas Days Out

by anonymous

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So the festive season is here once again. It’s time for mince pies, mulled wine and a heavy dose of sausage rolls in flaky golden pastry. The little cafes will be buzzing with people escaping the cold, the cheap London escorts will be busier than ever with all the gentlemen enjoying their time off. Everything is as it should be, children playing games, loving couples walking hand in hand through the snow as they shop for the perfect present. This is the christmas scene thats on every card, every tv scene, every hollywood movie. Every year. It’s all rather boring. Why does christmas have to be limited to these places: to roaring fires and cosy rooms? Why can’t it be a little different, exciting, new. It’s a bit like getting the same gift year after year; sure it’s comforting and easy, but is it really what the holiday is all about.


Being unique, being individual, showing thought and compassion for loved ones, that is the true spirit of christmas. Caring enough to think outside the box and take the more difficult option in order to bring them as much joy as much possible. So why are days out so limited and mundane. It’s not as if the UK is short of options when it comes to doing other things. The landscape itself is beautiful, and yet everyone holes themselves up and misses the breathtaking splendour of winter. With the cold, comes the crystal fine lattice work of frost adoring every tree, wall and blade of grass. With the rain comes new life for the parched land, the rivers growing full inside their banks, streams and rivulets spring up from the depths of the earth and run with vigour and vivacity over a sleeping landscape. With the chilled air comes a sort of wonderful cleanliness, a fresh burst of oxygen that clarifies the mind and helps one to contemplate great thoughts, a sensation described by the brilliant Virginia Woolf as a “champagne brightness”.


Nature is not the only thing that can be appreciated during the festive period. The National Space Centre is a great choice all year around but it really comes alive in the winter months. There are far fewer visitors, so there’s time to linger over each exhibit and really revel in the wonder of what’s on display. There are a number of themes running throughout the centre, one of which will appeal to the child in everyone: space travel. Who didn’t want to be an astronaut when they were little? The overwhelming thing that comes from the experience though, is the sheer wonder of the the universe. It’s a mystifying, exhilarating mixture of madness and order, chaos and precision. It can make anyone- from a cheap London escort, so sure of her beauty, to the most cocksure of men- feel small and humble. It’s the perfect place to go when things are getting too much and problems seem too big, to see the scale of things and realise just how lucky every living being is. Is there anything more in touch with the Christmas season than that?


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