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Standard Info on KVM over IP Hardware Devices

by lancevartanian

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Servers have come to be an intrinsic part of numerous companies, owing to their data management capabilities. One downside to this development is the likely possibility that all the processes within a company could be put on hold when the server malfunctions. This should not be an option, especially with time being of utmost relevance in company deals.

For IT infrastructures with HP servers, iLO helps to efficiently address any computer system concerns. It provides IT professionals remote access to the problematic computer unit or server so that it may be instantly fixed. iLO additionally helps in IT administration and server management. But even with the great power it carries and its great contributions to data centers, it has limitations. KVM over IP solutions help mend iLO's restrictions for a more exceptional IT infrastructure.

Among iLO's limitations is that its usage is unique to contemporary HP servers of the exact same generation. KVM over IP devices serve as the link in between HP, Dell, and IBM servers. With it, there will not be any sort of problems managing data centers, thus offering companies liberty to switch vendors.

Price is an additional obstacle that businesses face when making use of iLO and HP ProLiant servers. A license fee needs to be settled to be able to utilize all the iLO vKVM features. This costs $130, but the actual cost of utilizing an iLO can amount to $400 because of other demands─ like buying two IP addresses for each server─ that companies have to fulfill. KVM over IP solutions could do the job with considerably lesser costs. For only $ 140-170, you may incorporate all your servers and save a couple of dollars per rack.

iLO's safety is an additional area of concern. The demand for 2 IP addresses per server renders it difficult for the IT staff to keep track of safety breaches, as too many IP addresses should be looked after. Wiring your HP servers with KVM over IP solution saves you from all these headaches due to the fact that it streamlines remote management of a maximum of 32 servers through one IP address.

IT administrators regard KVM over IP solutions as the best device to make use of with iLO since it helps with the latter's performance. They provide ideal video quality at any bandwidth and provide iLO versatility in accessing clients that run Sun, Linux, Mac or Windows OSes. To find out more, visit

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