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Technology Predictions for 2013

by nonwovenbag

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In three months time we will have seen Consumer
Electronics Show (CES), Mobile World Congress, possibly the Samsung Galaxy S4,
and the launch of BlackBerry 10.

It is safe to say that CES will feature
a lot of Windows 8, along with UHD TV televisions.Ah7921 research
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LG announced their enormous 84in TVs, capable of displaying 4K resolution
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Currently, there's very little 4K content to watch, apart
from the demo loops shown by manufacturers, and the TVs themselves cost around
£20,000, but that won't stop them and more from cropping up at CES.

was a huge year for Windows 8, so we expect to see more of the same in 2013,
with CES kicking it off and no doubt showing us more impressive and bizarre ways
of combining laptops and tablets into one.

We've heard that Samsung has
a major new product to announce in January, and that it's TV lineup is getting
something of a re-brand, so expect to see the South Korean company show off a
boatload of new hardware in Vegas.

But not the Galaxy S4...and we don't
expect to see it at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona in February either.
No, Samsung has become a fan of Apple-style product announcement, giving tech
expos the cold shoulder and instead hosting its own media events.

the Galaxy S3 in May 2011, Samsung took over all of Earls Court in London, so
we're expecting an equally grand debut for the Galaxy S4 in late winter or early
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Between CES and MWC though, there is the not-so-small matter of
BlackBerry 10. On 30 January Research in Motion will show the finished product
off to the world, along with two new smartphones that will go on sale right

It's make-or-break time for the beleaguered Canadian firm and will
be no less than crucial in determining if BlackBerry is still a household name
in 2014.

Microsoft will start selling its Surface Pro tablet in January,
with an Intel processor and Windows 8, making it more of an Ultrabook
replacement than the lesser-powered and cheaper Surface RT.

Apple usually hosts a media event in January or February, but with it pulling
out of MacWorld in 2011, and the iPad (announced last February) already getting
a refresh, a gaping hole is left in the iPhone maker's calendar.

updated iPad mini would be a kick in the face for just about everyone, and the
mythical Apple television can't be anywhere near ready, unless the company has
pulled of a secrecy blinder, so we're at a loss here.

Six months from
now we're looking at a summer full of companies releasing whatever they showed
off at CES and MWC earlier in the year. This will no doubt include plenty of
Windows Phone 8 devices and smartphones with 4G, ready and waiting for Vodafone,
O2 and others getting their 4G networks online towards the third quarter of
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The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be on sale in
six months time, and it will no doubt be compared closely with the iPhone 5 and
flagship Windows phones, but don't forget that Apple and Samsung around half a
year out-of-sync with each other, so a true comparison isn't really possible -
but don't let that stop every single person on the internet saying how
awesome/terrible the S4 is.

Apple is releasing new products at a
terrifying rate. Where once it was a year for the iOS range and much less often
for Macs, we're now seeing iPads getting replaced in eight months and iPhones in
about the same, so summer 2013 could see an iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.

former will probably see a performance update, more storage, a redesign to
feature a slimmer bezel like the mini and iOS 7; the latter will almost
certainly see a Retina display and performance to match the current iPad 4.

Meanwhile, Jony Ive will have had his hands on iOS 7 for eight months,
so expect to see a major update to the user interface along with the new
Optic Patch Panel
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