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Get the Facts about E Cigarettes

by elynieva

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Health researchers and organisation have different opinions regarding the use of E cigarettes. There are those who propagate for their usage while others have rejected every move to have these products integrated in addressing tobacco and other substance addiction. The fact that e cigarettes have not been given the required attention leads to misinformation of the public regarding the benefits as well as dangers of this product. Analysts are of the opinion that availing more information as far as this product is concerned will help the public in making informed choices as far as the product is concerned. Allowing marketers and unscrupulous traders to offer unsubstantiated information to the public will only lead to misinformation and eventually making of wrong decision.


There is a need for researchers to carry more studies and fill the knowledge gaps which exist as far as this product is concerned. This kind of research will offer scientific evidence which can be relied upon by the public as well as the medical field. The fact that tobacco addiction is a real problem in different parts of the world should be enough motivation for these scholars to carry out the studies and get hardcore evidence as far as the solution to the problem is concerned.


There have been a lot of concerns among the users of e cigarettes as far as the dangers and benefits are concerned. Some of the manufacturers have been exaggerating the benefits which can be derived from such consumption leading to high consumption even from those who were previously non smokers. This is a grave danger given that the people who invented this device did it with a person who is trying to quit smoking in question. When we have manufacturers encouraging people to smoke e cigarette, there is a grave danger given that the number of addictions will increase. The main targets ought to be people who have realised that they have a problem. E cigarette should be the product to bail them out of this addiction but not a channel of making profit and enriching a few individuals. The manufacturers ought to give facts, this will do good to all those who are facing an addiction problem. Any other way will lead to harm. We can avoid all this through presenting evidence which will help other in making well informed choices. The scholars and researchers have a responsibility in advancing knowledge which will benefit masses as opposed to a situation where this knowledge is used to harm others.


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