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Preventing Sloppy Workmanship on Delta Roof Systems: Choosin

by brendangertner

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In a 2004 study published in Buildings Magazine, sloppy workmanship was cited as one of the leading causes of roof failure. Based on the study, faulty installation significantly increases the likelihood of roofing problems. Ron Harriman, Vice President of a leading roof and pavement consulting firm, further attests that the effects of unsatisfactory workmanship are hard to detect and only manifest years later in the form of premature roof aging and failure.

Shoddy jobs on Delta roof systemscan be prevented by carrying out thorough background checks on prospective roofing companies. Homeowners can visit the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website for reviews and ratings to grasp how well certain roofing companies perform. The BBB, however, says that lawsuits against any company do not necessarily reflect the quality of their service. Here are a few other factors worth considering.

Industry Experience

Competition in the roofing industry can be very fierce. Based on recent studies, roofing companies tend to fail within their first three years. Ideally, it's a smart decision to rely on roofing companies with more than five years of experience, but don't count out booming companies just yet because they may have something new to offer.

Insurance and Warranty

Delta receives 41 inches of precipitation annually, making it one of the wettest Canadian cities. It is a known fact that excessive amounts of rainfall, together with substandard roof installation practices and lack of maintenance, can speed up roof deterioration. Warranties will protect homeowners in the event that another problem comes up, helping them save money on repair expenses. Insurance, on the other hand, protects homeowners from financial liabilities should any roofing personnel encounter an accident.


Trustworthy roofing companies insist on creating a contract between them and the client. Everything, from cost of materials to estimated time of completion, should be written in ink. That way, you can use the contract to your advantage if the contractor ever fails to meet anything that the contract stipulates.

Poor workmanship on any roof in BC can lead to severe problems later on. It's best to refrain from carrying out DIY tasks or delegating roof repair tasks to unlicensed contractors. Go to for more info.

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