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Quick Tips Before Having Plastic Surgery in the Philippines

by coryjosue

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The Philippines has become a top medical tourism destination for many foreigners in the last five years—and who can blame them, in terms of plastic surgeons, we have world renowned and board certified doctors, world-class facilities and competitive price range.

In Asia, the Philippines is one of the top three countries that foreigners consider to have different plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures because we have many advantages against our neighboring countries. But despite this advantage, as a patient, it is important that you should be firm and determined to find the best clinic and doctor in the country. Here are some tips that might help your journey easier.

Do Your Research
Even though there is a high success rate of plastic surgery in the Philippines, it is still important that you research about its background. Look only for a board-certified plastic surgeon and if he has a revision policy. Look at the laws that cover botched plastic surgery procedures, research hotels that are near the clinic and airport. And most importantly, look for a plastic surgeon that offers no cost corrective surgery for at least a year upon completion of the procedure—to save you time, money and energy.

Arm Yourself With Information
The Internet is a good place to do your research as many plastic surgeons in the Philippines already have a website which you can browse their services, previous patients and testimonials—they even put links of the organizations that they are affiliated with. This is a good way to determine how credible they are. Not only should you research about the surgeon, but as well as his staff and his clinic. Check into their license and inspection history—every clinic must have up-to-date inspections and the equipments must meet world standards.

Write Down Your Questions
This is a big step for you and sometimes, it can become overwhelming so as not to be fazed with your own thoughts, write down your questions in a notepad. Ask your surgeon about the details of the procedure, what medicines will you be given, length of the recovery period, possible risks and prevention techniques and of course, the benefits. Do not depend on your surgeon alone, like stated above, do your research.

There are many other considerations that you should consider before booking a plane and come to the Philippines. Remember, you will do it in a foreign country so as much as possible, be heavily prepared for it and look for a crediblePhilippine plastic surgeon and clinic.

Self-esteem is one of the benefits of plastic surgery and like any other medical procedures, it has its risks so before you do it, make sure that you are emotionally, spiritually and mentally prepared.

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