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How To Do Coloring in Your Liquid Metal Jewelry

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Nowadays, the use of liquid metal jewelry is quite popular among the fashion fanatics. One of the reasons is they are more trendy than the traditional metal jewelry which is sold in the markets. The liquid metal jewelry is much more lavish to wear as it is available in many shades, sizes and colors. In order to wear a liquid metal jewelry, you first need to check for the places where it is sold. Though, you can get many of them in the local stores and if you are a tech savvy then you must look for some astonishing designer liquid metal jewelry in the various online stores.

Another most important thing for the metal jewelry is that it can be lured into many colors. You Just need to have a right idea on how to color you’re the liquid metal jewelry and you can have them in colors. The most important material which is used in coloring the metal jewelry is the Epoxy, which has two major elements Hardener and Resin. Apart from them what you need additionally is the jelly powder, acrylic paint and a makeup powder.

Epoxy which is available in many verities is an important substance, you need to first layer, then pour into the copper sheets and remain it for bezel. After few minutes, you need to again dip it deep in the sterilized copper sheets and again wait for the bezel. You need to keep carrying on this process for the next 5 times in a span of one minute. The 5 layering is equal to the 50 coats of varnishes. While dipping in the sterilized copper sheet, you can give you favorite color to the liquid metal by the things as mentioned above. After pouring in the carbon paper, then you need to mix all of them again fresh in a scrap paper with the help of a stick. During the time while mixing them you need to be very careful and make sure that Epoxy don’t have any direct exposure to your skin, because it is not skin friendly and may harm you. Same time, you also need to wear the glasses in order to protect your eyes from the glare of Epoxy. You can find Epoxy easily in your nearby hardware stores; it is available in most of the stores in the form of Epoxy syringes or bottled liquid.

Apart from Epoxy, other material that you can use for coloring the liquid metal jewelry especially the liquid metal rings is the Polymer Clay. It is a form of Polyvinyl chloride and easily available in the market under different brand names. Here, you need to cut polymer metal sheets into mosaics and then insert sterling tubes with clay. You may use the different colored powders in order to get the desired color you want in your liquid metal jewelry.

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