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The Conveniences of Choosing Pew Refinishing Specialists

by earnestinekettering

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Church pews are necessary for each church or congregation. However, like other things, church pews get scuffed, nicked, and damaged. When this happens, quality church pew refinishing is often needed. To make them look new once again, church pews typically undergo several procedures.

Removal of Old Finish

To begin the refinishing process, chemical finish remover have to be applied all over the pew's area. The remover usually sits for about 10 to 20 minutes, scraped off with a putty knife, then wiped off with a cloth. Mineral spirits are then put on eliminate the traces of the remover. If the pew has a cushion and there's a requirement leading reupholster, the old cushion is also eliminated.


Once the old finish has been gotten rid of, the entire pew area will certainly need to be sanded. This is had to eliminate any residual finish and to prepare it for a new discolor. When sanding church pews, it's important that even pressure is applied and that special attention is given to gaps, information, and corners.


Staining is a process much like painting. The term "staining" comes from the fact that unlike paints and varnishes, stain colorants don't penetrate the wood; they merely "discolor" the area. When staining pews, it's crucial to work along the grain of the wood in small parts and that each new area overlaps with the previous area to attain a good staining effect.


The last procedure includes reapplying wood finishing to re-stained pews. Wood finishing is the procedure of applying chemicals to refine or protect a wooden surface, particularly of furnishings. The process normally requires applying a number of coats of wax, drying out oil, lacquer, varnish, or paint, with light sanding between each coat.

When planning to refinish church seating, there are a several things that you need to take into consideration. For one, you should ensure that your pews can resist the whole refinishing process. If your pews have one-of-a-kind architectural things, extra safety measure in refinishing is generally required. For best outcomes, finding assistance from expert pew refinishers would be the most logical choice. To learn more, see

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