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Denture Treatment Dentist

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We’ve all heard people say ‘you need to look after your teeth,’ but do we really listen? Most of us brush and floss twice a day, in the belief that we will always have these teeth. But contrary to belief, it’s not just old age that causes us to lose our teeth, and dentures are now worn by people of all different ages. Statistics show that one in five adults is wearing a denture and they are not necessarily just a solution to losing teeth either.

Experts believe that like our bodies today, our teeth are being overworked by the amount of sugary foods that we eat on a daily basis. If we don’t find time for a proper dental regime, to brush, floss and rinse our mouths, then we are in danger of our teeth starting to decay. Teeth would then need to be pulled out and this isn’t an easy task when the jawbone starts melting away. If however, you developed gum disease from not flossing, you may have to start looking for a denture treatment dentist as you are then more prone to losing your teeth, than just cavity fillings that most of us are used to visiting our dentist for.

Half of people over fifty-five are now wearing dentures, but these aren’t always comfortable and even though new dentures are made to closely resemble the patient’s natural teeth, they may sometimes feel bigger than what they are, and slipping dentures are not uncommon. Denture stabilisation is a treatment where tiny screws are inserted into the jaw to ensure the dentures become stable and as firm as natural teeth.

The procedure of the overdenture implants into the jaw can be performed under a local anaesthetic and only takes one hour to complete. This can ease the embarrassment of the dentures slipping, especially in public and increase a person’s self-confidence and well-being. Although some people may still take awhile to get used to the new sensations and their speech being slightly unclear.

There are times when a full set of dentures are not required if only some of the teeth are missing. Full dentures are only needed if there are no teeth left at all, so a partial denture may be more suitable. Having a full mouth of teeth is important for our facial structure and our ability to be able to bite and chew food. Although with today’s society becoming obsessed with the perfect celebrity smile, dentures are also worn for cosmetic reasons.

With today’s technology, dentures can be so natural that people may not even know someone’s wearing them, although it may seem obvious to the person with the dentures. So, if you are in need of dentures, then don’t fear. Dentures can improve your smile, give you more confidence and be the start of a new you.

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